Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Ian O'Connor, who writes for, says that Girardi is responsible for putting the Yanks into a hole with his decisions.
With a man on second and two outs, Joe decided to intentionally walk left-handed hitter, David Murphy, and pitch to right-handed Bengie Molina, who promptly hit a three-run homer. According to O'Connor, this was totally predictable. Why (and this is exactly what he wrote)?
"Molina isn't Albert Pujols. But four years ago to the night, Pujols' teammate hit the big Shea Stadium homer off the Mets' Aaron Heilman that sent the Cardinals to the World Series.
Yadier Molina was his name."
Apparently, the three Molina brothers are joined at the waist, or the Louisville Slugger. Now there's scouting report you can bank on. Four years ago, a different guy, on a different team, in a different league, in a different stadium, happened to hit a home run. Ah, but he happened to have the same last name. Better not pitch to HIM. Makes you wonder why Vince DiMaggio isn't in the Hall of Fame, doesn't it?


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