Friday, October 01, 2010


# The Yanks & Rays are tied with 3 games to go. NY goes up against the Red Sox, a fight no matter what the records are for either team, while the Rays will "battle" with the KC Royals, who don't have much of a record. A sweep by the Rays assures them of the division title, since they have the advantage of the tie-breaker, a 10-8 record against the Yanks.

# Surprise! The Syracuse University football team has a record of 3-1, with wins over Akron, Maine and Colgate. However, the tough part of the schedule starts now, with games against actual college teams.

# What athletes lack in physical ability, they make up for with originality. Let's see; athletes who have tested positive for banned substances have blamed the following:
1) Over-the-counter cold medicine
2) Tainted vitamin supplements
3) Teammates
4) Female hormones (Tho' Manny won't admit it)
...and now - tainted beef. Tour de France cyclist (a cyclist? Can't be!) Alberto Contador tested positive for a banned substance that he blames on tainted beef. One Big Mac too many, eh Alberto?

# Upset about their consistently low attendance figures, the Tampa Rays gave away 20,000 unsold tickets to Wednesday night's final home game. Not only were the tickets scooped up in 20 minutes, the fans filled the stadium to 102.6% capacity. Apparently, something worth doing is worth over-doing. Not to be outdone, the Yankees have announced that they are giving away 25,000 unsold tickets to Yankee Stadium for tonight's game with the Red Sox. No mention of the fact that the game is in Boston.

# Good thoughts go out for former OHS teacher, Virginia "Tiny" Dain, who died at age 92. A good golfer, a popular teacher and a really fun person, she will be missed.


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