Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Vod is worried about a Philadelphia-Texas World Series. How do you feel about a Texas-San Francisco Series? I'm sure the folks at Fox Network are thrilled. On the bright side, there will be a lot less viewers that Tim McCarver will be able to annoy.

Frank Verdi, former minor league manager of the Syracuse Chiefs, was once asked the secret behind his team's winning streak. "I think the key is scoring more runs than the other team," he said. In the Yankees case, it's scoring, period. Bases loaded and one out and no runs scored. Can't win like that. It seemed the Yanks were snake-bit on occasion. Bases loaded in the fifth with one out and Gardner hits what looked like a single to left, except shortstop Elvis Andrus makes a diving stop and gets a force at third. Most every hard hit ball seemed to find the glove of a Ranger fielder. Take nothing away from the Rangers, though. It may be that they are the team of destiny, but they're still hitting the ball hard and in timely spots. Even the worst case scenario for Texas puts superman Cliff Lee on the mound for game seven in Texas.

Without sounding like sour grapes, is this the worst broadcasting team you've ever heard? Ron Darling seems like he's just trying to play devil's advocate, even if his interpretation of plays is ludicrous. He said Burnett hung a curve for Guerrero when Vlad hit a single up the middle, yet the replay showed that he hit a ball off his shoe tops. If he had missed it, Darling would have claimed it was a great pitch. He tried hard to convince everyone that Cano's home run was due to fan interference. When replays seemed to show that nothing illegal happened, he finally acquiesced: "Well, I'll go along with the call, but I still think he was interfered with." Manfully conceded, Ron.
I can't say too much about John Smoltz, but that's okay, neither did he. He acts for all the world like, "I'm only here for the money." I'm glad I'm not paying him.
That fellow who is doing the on-the-field commentary looks like he just got fitted for dentures and he's afraid they're going to fall out. What's with that tight-lipped smile?

I will say that, outside of one bad pitch, AJ Burnett justified Girardi's faith in him. Too bad the rest of the team couldn't do a better job of helping him. It looks like Teixeira is all done for the year, but he wasn't really any factor in the first four games. The whole Yankee offense seemed to be Jeter and Cano. It wasn't enough. The most damage the Yanks did, was to one of the TBS camera. A broken bat grounder by Brett Gardner, shattered the lens of the first base camera. Oddly enough, the camera still worked and probably gave us a good idea of how Ron Darling viewed the game.


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