Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I don't want to make too big a deal out of this: People who live in glass houses with $200 million dollar windows...

The New York writers, however, are having a field day with it, as evidenced by the following headlines:

"Ya gotta bereave!" New York Post

"Ya gotta be leavin!" New York Daily News

"We just attended the 2nd Annual Heimlich Festival." Bob Raissman

Even the stadium was not immune:

"Shea No More"


A few predictions made by Peter Gammons for the 2008 season back in March,2008.
He's considered to be the Dean of sports commentators and an excellent talent evaluator.
It wasn't his best year:

"So it's easy to sit here now and say the Braves, Cubs, Red Sox, Tigers and Angels will win their divisions, but the Indians will win the World Series because of their great pitching.
OK, I'm guessing that the wild-card Indians will beat the Braves in the World Series. Now, here are some other prognostications, with considerable help from friends in front offices, dugouts and the scouts' seats."

Ah, I think you better find some new friends, Peter.

"1. Manny Ramirez, Red Sox. Just watch him run. The winter at Athletes' Performance Center in Tempe, Ariz., changed him physically and mentally, and it doesn't hurt to have David Ortiz in his tandem"

He ran, all right...right to another league. The Athletes Performance Center did a hell of a job with his mental attitude, didn't it?

"1. Justin Verlander, Tigers. He may be in the running every year, but in 2008 13.7 runs of support per start may win 25 games."

On the other hand, normal run support resulted in 17 losses. With 14 runs of support per start, I might win 11 games, which is how many Justin got this year.

"2. Josh Beckett, Red Sox. One man for one game."

Uh, which game would that be, Peter?

"1. John Maine, Mets. 20 wins?"

Close. 10 more wins next year and you're right on the button.

"5. Phil Hughes, Yankees. It's all there."

Unfortunately, "...there" meant Scranton-Wilkes Barre.


"7. Nick Johnson, Nationals. After two rough years, he is in the best shape of his career, and he can really hit."

And he did...for all 38 games. This guy is president of the DL.

I don't really want to make too much fun of Peter. He did get a lot of things right (Cliff Lee, Joe Mauer, etc.). It should just make us realize that we shouldn't rely too heavily on the opinion of "experts".

Monday, September 29, 2008


October baseball without New York. It's like spaghetti without meat balls. If you're hungry, you'll eat it, but it just doesn't satisfy.

I have no idea what to expect in the NL series. I've tried watching some NL games during the past two weeks and its simply too damn hard. The Mets announcers are dreadful, and with the sound off, you're forced to actually watch, and that can't be good for anybody. The Cubs are as complete a team as any in the NL (a compliment?) but if Zambrano can't regain his pre-no-hit form they are left with one competent stater. Philadelphia could be interesting to watch if Jamie Moyer gets a start, but only because he's older than we are and it could be fun to watch Ryan Howard strike out 28 times in a World Series. The Brewers? Basically a bad baseball team with one AL pitcher who carried them for 3 months.

The AL clearly has the stronger teams. On the other hand, so what and who cares. LA has the unique distinction of being both a power house and, at the same time boring. No defending World Series Champion has generated less interest than Boston and the illusory "red sox nation", although, to be fair, the famed "nation" is a bit larger than the Tampa Bay fan base - six season ticket holders in Tampa - St. Pete's, and, as far as I know, I'm it in the greater US north of Orlando. It was amazing, but I actually got congratulations from ushers in the Trop for wearing a Rays hat at a Tampa home game in April.

Oh, I almost forgot, the Dodgers and the Twins. The only interesting thing about the Dodgers is Torre and Manny and we've been watching them for over 10 years in the real league, and the only thing interesting about the Twins is who they don't have. Unlike Tori Hunter, Santana managed to sign his way out of any opportunity to play in the post season for ever. Sucker.

While I have no predictions - why bother - I do have preferences. I would like to see LA at Anaheim on the West Coast of the United States of America on The North American continent Planet Earth the 3rd planet Sol a sun in a solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy in the visible Universe lose early. Same for the other LA team. The last thing we need are baseball games starting at 2 am eastern.

I would like to see Boston play only until Kevin Youkalis takes one off of his butt-ugly pumpkin head. Hey, take a look at Papelbon's puss when he's taking a sign and tell me he's not the most popular guy in after-game showers. And as for the Rays, I like the hat far more than the team.

So, once again, we are left with the inevitable conclusion, what every baseball fan knows deep in their heart, baseball in October without New York isn't.



Just a few last items of note.

According to "Jud The Statistician", A-rod will produce ONE less playoff RBI this year than the previous 3 playoffs. At least he didn't have far to fall.

Trivia question: SF Giant catcher Bengie Molina hit a long drive to the outfield but was only able to get as far as first. In a spark of genius, Mgr Bruce Bochy sent in Emmanuel Burris to pinch-run. He then asked the umps to review the drive. They did and changed it to a home run. OK Jud, who gets the HR, RBI and Run Scored?
Bonus points: Bochy protested the game. What was the ruling?
Extra credit: Who cares?

Didn't we see a fine example of sportsmanship and team play from Papelbon yesterday? In spite of the bad conditions, he was out giving his "all", and making damn sure everyone, including Terry Francona, knew that he was. Poor baby.

The Bimb would like to see Youkilis shave his face...right down to the bone.

The Mets are improving. They only lost 6 games in the standing in the last 17 games, down from 7 games.

In order to reach the playoffs, the White Sox have to win their last 3 games: one down, two to go. (Picasner: "I'm betting against it")

The Marlins took their time going into the clubhouse after the game Sunday. Mets fans chanted: "Off our field!". No one is sure which team they were talking to.

Do we HAVE to watch "Manny being Manny" again?

Picasner will have a mild rooting interest in the Cubs. (Go Sweet Lou)

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Sadly, it's the last day, at least for Yankee fans. We will soon be listening and reading about all the rumors that will be rampant. Abreu: go or stay. Giambi: go or stay. Sabathia: sign or no sign. Picasner: drink or drink a lot.

Still some interesting baseball today: Mets & Brewers, one goes on, one goes home. Chisox & Twins: I'm still trying to explain this to Anne. If the Sox win and the Twins lose, the Sox play a game Monday. If they lose, they play the Twins Tuesday.
If the Sox lose today and the Twins lose, the Sox play Monday. If they...Oh, bulls**t, the announcers will explain it.

Let's see, the Yanks have Monument Park to honor their former great players. The Red Sax have named their two foul poles. Loses something in the translation, doesn't it?

In our quest to cover "other" sports, this from the midwest: Congratulations go out to the winner of the Nez Perce, Idaho County Fair Hog-Calling contest. Way to go, Jolene Bacon.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I neglected to comment on a front office dismissal this morning. I read that Matt Millen, GM of the Detroit Lions, was fired. At first, I was incredulous. I thought he'd been fired years ago. He has been very busy setting the mark for Pro Football executive incompetence. Just to let you know that Millen is not alone in that room, sportswriter Dan LeBetard picked the Lions to go to the Super Bowl! What for, Dan, to cater the pre-game cocktail party?


According to the Steinbrenner's, anything other than a Ring is a failed year. Well, this is certainly one of those "failed years". On the other hand, if you look at today's standings, you will notice that there are only 5 teams in both leagues that have a better record than the Yanks. So it isn't like they're the Washington Nationals or Seattle. Picasner's opinion: should be an intriguing winter, seeing what moves everyone makes with all the high-profile free agents.

Speaking of free agents, I noticed that Dave Sveum, manager of the Milwaukee Brewers is riding his big horse, Sabathia, 3 straight times on 3 days rest. Picasner's opinion: I know he's big & strong, but he's a power pitcher: if gets too tired and his mechanics falter, he could hurt his arm. Permanently. A more cruel thought (I hope I'm wrong) is, what does Sveum care? He knows he's losing him after this year no matter what. Might as well get everything he can. Over-using your big gun usually doesn't work in the long run.

Can the Mets be heading toward another September swoon? Picasner's opinion: you can't win without a bullpen. Santana is pitching great, at bat, he's getting the job done, but he can't relieve, too. Manuel used 6 relievers in a losing effort last night: quantity never beat quality. If they don't find an answer soon...

I thought I watched the Yankees last night, but I wasn't sure. To quote Butch Cassidy, "Who are those guys?"

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The organization as it is, not as it was.

Buster Olney did a great piece on ESPN tonight on the Yankees and the "Steinbrenner Doctrine" - that is, anything less than a World Series sin is failure and unacceptable. He expects Hank to follow in the footsteps of The Boss or , as I affectionately like to think of him - "The Dickwad" - and blow cash and draft picks for the immediately available free agents and gut the farm system for the next 5 - 7 years. Oh yeah, that's the strategy they've used to finally age and breakdown enough to not make the playoffs. Spell that Giambi, Pavano, Damon, Matsui, small-a-rod... ad nauseum.

Hey Hank, "Ha Ha"!

Buster found it interesting that neither Joe Torre nor Roger Clemens were even mentioned in the hours of "official" pre-game hype, and post game nostalgia. Well, Joe was only the manager of 4 World Series winners and Roger has been a very bad boy. The screwed over Yogi for years and Bernie for two, so why should those two clowns (Joe, who? Clemens? That Red Sox guy) currently exist?

So what do you think about the Administration, i.e. ex-Wall Street warrior Henry Paulson, instead of our D+ Yale student and cheer leader, President, bumblling, brush-cutter, G. Bush, telling us that we need a 4th branch of government, immediately, before it's to late, by the end of the week, and trust us with the details, well, except for the $700,000,000,000 (seven hundred billion - just about the same as the Pentagon) budget?

Now most Americans don't think this is such a big deal because, in a recent survey, two-thirds of Americans were unable to name the current three branches of government. Makes it easy to explain McCain and Palin. No - even that isn't sufficient to explain either of them.

Meet me in cognito.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


PUT THIRD BASE DOWN AND BACK AWAY: 18 people were arrested Sunday night for taking pieces of Yankee Stadium. None of them, however, were players, who were televised scooping handfuls of dirt into cups. No, they were all fans, who spent their hard-earned dollars to pay those players and, incidentally, to build the new monument to greed across the street. They're going to tear it down; can't the fans have their little pieces of cement, their seat numbers, their restroom signs? Players are asking for their lockers, for flagpoles. For cryin' out loud, even Yogi Berra asked for home plate! Give us a break. I can't afford a ticket to next year's games, can't I have a little handful of grass?

EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN: Miami beat New England using a form of the old single-wing offense. I guess Belichick wasn't old enough to prepare for that one. What's next? The Notre Dame shift?

WHAT'D HE SAY?: Interesting quote from David Wright of the Mets on their swoon: "It has nothing to do with being tight. It has to do with we're struggling. There's no need to panic. Everything we want to accomplish is right out there for our grabbing and right out there in front of us." At first, I didn't know if that was from last year or this year. Either way, somebody's pretty nervous.

BIG FISH, LITTLE POND: The Diamonbacks are only 2 games over .500 but trail the Dodgers by only 2 games. Torre must really be laughing. The Dodgers record (81-75) would put them 5th in the American League East, 3rd in the Central and 15 1/2 games out in the West. Talk about brilliant managerial moves!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Long Live...

Yankee Stadium is dead. Long live the Palace.

The Yankees did more than close down the most historic sports venue in American history but opened another chapter in the saga of "The Boss", and we're not talking Bruce Springteen here, but, rather, the ego-endowed, master of greed, George Steinbrenner and his obnoxious, entitled offspring.

It was comforting to hear that the price George paid to originally buy the team is less than the cost of season tickets for 4 of the luxury boxes in the New Steinbrenner Palace. I'm no longer worried that investing over a half-billion dollars of taxpayer in the New Steinbrenner Palace might not sufficiently benefit the Family.

My fondest memories of the Stadium are a bit different that Picasners. I wasn't a Yankee fan as a kid. The first time I attended a game at the stadium was in the early 60's when the Stadium was still largely original, dusky green, monuments and flagpole in center field and the iconic facade. Laurie and I sat through a twilight double header and the 2nd game went 22 innings. Look it up.

My next trip in was after the "Renovation". Plastic, cheesy, a testament to Steinbrenner marketing and poor taste. And over the next 20 plus years the Yankees delivered 6 championships and the Yankees became the best branded collection of mercenaries available on the planet. And how the money has rolled in.

But like all organizations that obsess on money as the mission, product quality suffers. Remember the last 8 years? Record attendance, mediocre baseball. Tractor trailer loads of cash, personal humiliation for Joe Torre and Bernie Williams, who was in Yankee Stadium for the first time since "retirement". The incredibly lucrative YES network, 2 World Series wins for the Red Sox.
The New Palace built largely with the money of taxpayers who never will be able to buy a decent seat in the place.

The Stadium is gone and any class that was the hallmark of great Yankees of the past is gone with it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


My special in-person moments:

DON LARSEN'S PERFECT GAME: A lone Dodger fan in a sea of Yankee fans, cheering for Brooklyn. He stood up all alone to applaud Mantle's great catch and nearby Yankee fans bought him beer, including my Dad. "That's a true fan," was his explanation.
Watching my Dad actually cry after the game and my Mom not really understanding what she just witnessed.

YANKEES - ORIOLES, SOMETIME IN 1960: Watching with 2 friends (Dodger fans). Mantle gets 4 hits, Clete Boyer makes two unbelieveable plays at third. Even my two friends were impressed.

OLD-TIMER'S DAY WEEKEND (1960 OR 61): At the Friday night game with my two cousins in the mezzanine and getting Phil Rizzuto's autograph.

YANKEES - TEXAS (1978 or 1979): My three kids first major league game, sitting in the upper deck and all 5 of us afraid to stand up (It's VERY steep).

YANKEE STADIUM TOUR - 2007: The guide incorrectly answering my question about the fences (Those WERE the original fences). Sneaking down the tunnel in the Yankee dugout.

THE FACADE!! Only at Yankee Stadium.

I understand Billy Crystal's remarks about never seeing grass so green before or since. That it looked like you needed a car to get you to your position in center field.

1956 WORLD SERIES - GAME 3: 12 years old, walking on the field and standing in the dugout after the game (I have pictures).

Friday, September 19, 2008


I just read that the Yanks are going to allow fans on the field for three hours on Sunday - from 1:00 until 4:00. In 1956, my Dad took us to New York for the World Series. After every game, fans could exit by going onto the field (the infield was cordoned off) and out a gate in center field. We did that and if I could ever find the jacket I wore, there is still a handful of Yankee Stadium grass in the pocket (center field, of course). Imagine what thousands of crazed fans are going to do on Sunday. I have a feeling they will excavate more warning track dirt than a fleet of backhoes. The "warning track" may become a "warning canyon": "Damon goes back and...well, he's disappeared, folks."

Jeter has the most hits in Yankee Stadium (1273). Who has the most hits at Shea Stadium? Eddie Kranepool (691).

Boston has 462 straight sell-outs. Tampa Bay sells out every time...an LL COOL J
concert follows the game. Thought you might want to know.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


SHORT ARMS, DEEP POCKETS - Artie Moreno, LA Angels owner, says he has no plans to add any payroll next year. While that may reduce the salary levels of certain free agent ballplayers, I can't imagine that makes their agents too happy. Don't we all feel sorry for Scott Boras? Uh, no.
BLOOD LUST - An ESPN poll asked, "What is more interesting: a Late season surge by a team or a late season collapse?" Answer at the end of the blog.
HOW'D HE DO THAT? - I was wondering this week, how could Lou Gehrig drive in all those runs (averaged 142/year for 14 years) while hitting behind Babe Ruth and then Joe DiMaggio? As a last resort, I went to my best baseball guru, named Little Watusi, for the answer. "Simple. He simply changed jerseys and batted 7th and then changed again and batted 1st." Now why didn't I think of that? I think I'll make sure he's sober before I ask him any more questions.
IS IT OVER, YET? - Jerry Crasnick of ESPN, lists 9 players who probably won't be looking for a raise next year. Pretty interesting reading.
A SPORT I COULD LEARN TO LIKE - The Bathurst 1000 auto race in Australia is a big party scene for fans. This year, however, in order to control the fans, the police installed a TWO-DOZEN beer limit for fans. Police officials were quoted as saying, "Anyone who needs to drink more than 24 cans of beer to have a good time is not welcome." I've gotta believe that anyone who can drink 24 cans of beer has got to be pretty easy to control. First of all, he's probably already on the ground and if he's not asleep now, he soon will be. How easy does it have to be for Australian police?

Answer: 2/3rds of the voters would rather see a collapse. I guess we like seeing teams fall on their faces. Who says there's no crying in baseball?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


GOLF LESSON AWARD - Tough Choice Category: "Terrible Tommy" Bolt, 1959 US Open Champ, was noted for his temper, often slamming clubs to the ground and using "colorful" language. At the Bing Crosby Pro-Am, he was set to make an approach shot and asked his caddie for a seven iron. "Its either the 3-iron or the 3-wood. Those are the only clubs you have left."
"IT AIN'T OVER" AWARD - As we mentioned, the LPGA has loosened it's rule on players speaking English. Luckily baseball never had such a rule or there would have been no Yogi Berra. Speaking of Yogi, his mentor was Casey Stengel, no stranger to the mis-statement of the obvious himself. When discussing a phenom in the minor leagues, he told reporters, "We got a kid in the minors, 28 years old, and in two years, he's got a chance to be 30."
PARADISE LOST AWARD - The Yount brothers, Robin and Larry, played a total of 2857 games in the majors, 2856 by Robin. Larry was brought up in September of 1971 by the Houston Astros. When called to relieve in his first game, he injured his shoulder while warming up and never did get to pitch in a major league game.
MISS CONGENIALITY AWARD - The NFL has introduced a new "Fan Code of Conduct" policy that will be enforced during games in all league stadiums. "Drunkenness, profanity, obscene gestures, taunting and patently annoying, obnoxious, embarrassing or boorish behavior are now strictly prohibited." Got that, sports fans? Let's leave that activity where it belongs: on the field with the professionals.

...and the beat goes on.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Good news/bad news:
Phil Hughes pitches yesterday in the Gov. Cup championship game. The bad news: pitched 5 innings, gave up 4 hits, 4 walks and 1 run. The good news: he struck out 12 (yes, 12!) Bulls while Scranton won 20-2. You only needed 3 runs, guys. Couldn't you send 17 of them up to the Bigs? It will be interesting to see who the Yanks bring up now.
There were 6 rainouts last night and Boston played in the rain.
The last LPGA commissioner wanted the tour players to dress sexier (influenced, no doubt, by Women's Beach Volleyball). This commissioner wants them to speak 8th grade English. Combine the two and we'll be watching Las Vegas cocktail waitresses on the tour. Maybe they'll play for casino chips.
The Bulgarian women's hockey team played in the pre-qualifying tournament for the 2010 Olympics. I use the word "play" advisedly. They lost games by scores of 41-0, 39-0 & 30-1. That's not even the worst of it: Slovakia beat them 82-0! They out shot Bugaria 139-0 and averaged a goal every 44 seconds. Bulgaria's reaction: their coach said "We took it as training." I think he mispronounced "torture".
Worthless Statistics Department.
Carl Pavano is UNDEFEATED ...when he pitches on 501 days rest.
Chris Henry, Bengals wide receiver, averages 5 arrests for every fumble lost.
Michael Strahan has joined Fox NFL as an analyst, bringing the analyst team championship total to 8 and their divorce total to 6.
Bobby Cox has announced he will return to the Atlanta Braves next year. He says, "I'm not going to base my retirement on wins and losses." How about career ejections, Bobby? Your major league record is 143. Earl Weaver had 97, Lou Pinella has 71.

More "vital statistics" as they occur.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Soon, the offseason will be upon us (even sooner for us Yankee fans), when the floodgates open and Rumor Central will overload. This is a definite advantage for baseball fans, for in no other sport do you get 3 months of wish lists, projected lineups and suggested monster trades. Since, as everyone knows, Picasner has no life, we will see to it that no whispered deals escape our scrutiny.
For those statistic-freaks and A-Rod bashers, I offer this:
A former boss once told me, "Figures don't lie, but liars figure." With that in mind, check out this link from a surprising source, The New York Times.
Yogi Berra had a reputation for being a great clutch hitter. I read that in reality, Yogi hit .285 in the clutch, the same as his career average. The end result was he was feared because he was just as dangerous in the clutch as any other time. Using BB analysts FAVORITE (and now, overused) phrase: Don't try to do too much.

I see Hank Steinbrenner has started the ball rolling by suggesting that the Yanks will be pursuing Sabathia, Burnett and Teixeria. So not only is there "...no crying in baseball.", apparently there is no tampering clause, either.

Interesting fact: It seems to be accepted that an on-base percentage of .400 is considered very good to great. Lou Gehrig had a CAREER OBP of .447. Babe Ruth's was .474.

More goodies as they occur, boys and girls

Thursday, September 11, 2008


If we can't enjoy the season, at least we can be amused:

Since they can't talk about winning anymore, the Yankee announcers have come up with a new category: Most Number Of Players On The Top Step Of The Dugout, with the competition starting last night against the Angels. Oops, we're already in 2nd place. Let's show a little more complacency, boys.

Question for you statistic freaks: What team has 29 straight one-run road losses? That's right, the New York...sorry, it's the Atlanta Braves. Now we have something to shoot for.

The Yogi Berra Award: After a rookie teammate hit a homer to win a game in the ninth in his first ML at bat, Dioner Navarro was quoted, " This new guy, Dan Johnson, we don't even know his name yet."

...But We Still Like You Award: There is talk in the NY Mets organization that the Mets have a better chance of winning the World Series now that their closer, Billy Wagner is out for the year. Are they just going to refuse to play the ninth? Is Al Leiter coming back? This could be interesting.

A female relative in California (Dodger fan) thinks Manny Ramirez "is a hoot." She should talk to another relative in Boston, who opened a bottle of champagne when Manny was traded.

Rob Neyer (ESPN) says the Angels aren't the best team in baseball just because they have the best record. Unfortunately, he doesn't say who is. ...or what the criteria is. ...or how many Margaritas he's had. I think somehow that's all tied together.

Our newspaper lists the attendance at the games and the listed capacity. Sometimes the actual attendance exceeds the capacity. How is that possible? Don't tell me it's "standing room". I've been to a few games: try standing in the back for a while; you'll be asked to move or show your ticket very quickly.
Note: Am I so bored I'm looking at attendance figures now? Do I need a life? Yes to both questions.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


The Yanks didn't just lose, they were pummeled. Hell, they even lost the fight. The fielding is OK, but the whole team looks desperate at the plate. Giese acted like he'd never had a runner on base before. I could have stolen 2nd on him and I still have a bad leg. Well, at least the farm team, Scranton-Wilkes Barre, is in the Governor's Cup finals against Durham.

Greg Robinson has "led" Syracuse University football team to a 7-30 record in his 3+ years as head coach. The word is he's still confident he can turn this around. The only one that will accomplish that is the team bus driver. Instead of advertising the upcoming games, we're getting announcements of the movie about Ernie Davis. I'm sure none of the current players were asked to be stunt doubles in the film. Well, maybe for the opposing teams. Maybe the basketball team will have some promise.

The NY Giants MAY have a good team. I know the Manning brothers are leading the league in commercials. The last one was an argument with the Williams sisters. Watch out guys, I know you're both football players, but they look like they could take you.

I don't know what I'm going to do this October. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Friday, September 05, 2008


"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in." A 3 game winning streak, hits falling like raindrops and a lights-out relief corp. I'm back on the bandwagon again. Sucker! Sucked in like a country bumpkin at a carnival. "Step right up, son. It's good to watch them." Steamrolled, 7-0 when I left it. I had to wait for Sportscenter to find out they threw a little scare into the Rays in the 9th. I'll never learn: a 55 year habit is hard to break. Where's Baseball Anonymous when you need it? Where's my sponsor?

I see Ozzie Guillen is happy. His biggest (and most vocal) detractor, Jay Mariotti of the Chicago Sun-Times is no longer with the paper. I don't know why and neither does Ozzie, but that hasn't stopped him from breaking out the champagne. Don't celebrate too hard, Ozzie, I'm sure there's a long line waiting to fill that void.

From Thomas Bonk of the L.A. Times: MLB's $65 million ad campaign for the playoffs -
"There's only one October." Is that the best they can do? Like there's two Septembers or something?

There is not a lot of respect out there for the NY football Giants. The current odds of them repeating are 25-1 according to John Avello, director of sports operations at Wynn Las Vegas. And how bad is that? Mr. Avello is a native New Yorker and a big NY Giants fan. Save your money Big Blue fans.
Of course, the 4-point favored Giants promptly go out and beat Washington 16-7.

As if I didn't have enough problems trying to umpires in line, now I have to watch Official Scorers, too. Yesterday, Jason Bartlett, Ray's shortstop was given an error on a hot shot which is later changed to a hit. CC Sabathia fumbles a bunt which is scored a hit and the Brewers lobby to have it changed (so he could get a no-hitter).
There is no consistency with scorers and often a lot of hometown bias. I have heard the suggestion that there should be THREE scorers at each game, instead of one. Yeah, that'll work. "...and the majority ruling is...". What's next? Senate hearings? Actually, an suggestion was offered a few years ago which actually made sense (which is probably why it was ignored): Increase the umpire crews to five and include official scorer as part of the rotation. This idea has THREE benefits:
1. Build consistency in scoring
2. Eliminate hometown bias.
3. Combine two of my irritations into one.
All in favor...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Invention - the Mother of Necessity

LT and I visited at the Picasners several days ago and was pleased to find the Learned One in fine shape. Picasner was feeling better as well - although this has been a particularly difficult season for our favorite, and August, 2008 the month of the
Great Protracted Rodriguez- Giambi Mutual Swoon.

Tinkerin' Joe left them in the 4 and 5 holes all month long killing rally after rally, losing game after game. Giambi tried facial hair and women's underwear to change things up. Joe had nothing and got 10 games out.

Mike Mussina completely reinvents himself as a baffling major league pitcher. Mooses becomes the AL Jamie Moyer pitching into his mid-40s, winning 300 games, and going to the Hall of Fame. Joe had nothing.

John Did You Know I Was A POW McCain changed things up in the political arena choosing Ms. Who-Are-You Gun Toting I'll Be Making the Pregnancy Decisions Around Here Palin to succeed him as The Leader of the Free World if elected (so-so chances) and suffers a fatal pulmonary event wile in office (really good chance). Joe had nothing.

Tom Coughlin, after years of hard-assed-ness, reinvents himself as a player's coach and wins a Super Bowl.

Joe's reinvention is necessary... soon... very soon.

Chad Ocho Cinco? Chad Picasner? Not just a coincidence!


Charles Barkley is going to have a colonoscopy on TV to promote cancer awareness.
I think I'll hold off on that wide screen TV for a while.

Chad Johnson (Cin. Bengals, #85) is having his name changed to Ocho Cinco (85). The Bengals are changing his number to 87.

The Yanks beat the Tigers 13-9 yesterday. Both teams were projected to score over 1000 runs this season. With a little luck, both teams should get to 800. Guess they didn't play each other often enough.

Michael Phelps has returned to his home tank at the San Diego Zoo.

Florida and Atlanta played to a standing room "crowd" of 12,000 people yesterday. They were standing so they could get out of the stadium faster.

In spite of having the 2nd best record in major league baseball (and best in the American league), the Tampa Bay Rays are averaging only 21,000 fans a game, a 50% capacity. Why? Perfect weather, beautiful stadium, great pricing (hear that, Hank?), a winning team: what could be wrong? Bad hot dogs?

...on the other hand, the Yanks are 1st in attendance (53,000/game). Rain and smog, a decaying stadium, great pricing (for Hank!), an underachieving team: how come? Those must be some hot dogs.