Monday, January 21, 2008

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Back from the grocery wars:
If Huckabee plants the pole where he suggests, won't that make it hard to raise any kind of flag?  Even if Robertson pitches in?  39% of the vote in S. Carolina probably represents about 110% of the literate voters doesn't it?
I haven't seen a newspaper in a couple of days: was McCain in a plane or a cathouse when he got shot down?
I seem to be providing more questions than answers.  Sorry.
I might have been able to live with the live TV remark, but...
    1.  I think she was trying to be complimentary, but sarcastic or insult humor is hard to
         pull off:  there is, after all, only one Don Rickles.
    2.  All that the magazine cover lacked was the caption, "Look what they're saying about
         our n****r, now".  At least Tiger has shown some class.
One of the two best sports quotes in my heart is the one about Tiger.
        When asked about testing golfers for PEDs, one commentator said, "They only have to         test Tiger.  If he's clean, what difference does it make what the rest are on?"
The other one is a description of Jim Brown's running ability.  "He could run down the field with 10 guys hanging off him and the 11th guy couldn't catch him."
I'll bet the Detroit writer has forgotten that Tyson proved that time, money & fame won't keep you out of jail if you want to look REALLY closely at a women.  After they're convicted, I'm sure he'll want to wait thru the appeal process.
    Why are you still watching Skip Cluele...,I mean, Bayliss?  I certainly don't need the stress of listening to his drivel.
I'm ready for the 2nd.  I haven't mentioned it to the Bimb, but she doesn't like to miss a chance to eat out.  I'll look up the Kawasaki dealers and suggest a place.
OK, the TRADE.  I can't see what kind of miracle the Twins are waiting for.  If they wait till June or July, neither the Yanks or the Sox would give up anyone when they get him for free soon.  Whatever club the Twins might work out a trade with, why would Santana limit himself negotiating with one club when free agency puts everyone into the mix?  The Mets are an option, I suppose, but the prospects they have don't even excite the Mets.  I'm sure the Twins would like to get Johan out of the league, but even if the Mets threw in the grounds crew and an organist, the Twins still wouldn't have any use for them.  (Maybe a few beer vendors).
Speaking of beer vendors, I see Peter Angelos is at it again: Voids a 7 for 2 trade.  Doesn't he realize that even if 5 of the 7 players retired 10 years ago, he still ends up with a better team?  I wonder if McPhail is sorry he took the job?  Nothing has changed.  I did hear that if Benson gets traded, Anna Benson has volunteered to take the physical for him.  You'd think that would generate some interest, but then, who hasn't seen her naked already?  Hal Steinbrenner says he has dropped out of that trade, too.
Time to watch some football: Patriots (just to shut up Miami) and the Jints (just to shut up the sportswriters.  We'll commiserate after the games.
Chad (Diarrhea Of The Mouth) Picasner
Dear Chad,

One more week... I spent several hours of this one past stripping a 30 yr. old headboard and footboard. When I clean a room, it's clean. Gently prompting our oldest out one door while the youngest arrives through another for, what he claims, will be about one months duration  is no way to cut down on the resident population of the house. Fortunately, there are more than enough scary distractions. 

A couple of favorites - no time for a top 110 - are 1) Rev. Mike Huckabee's suggestion that he and the entire population of Arkansas stick a flagpole up the ass of anyone who suggested that not fly the confederate battle flag in 2008 or any other time and place they pleased.  Seemed harsh for a clergyman but he has trained under Pat Robertson and other seriously weird guys. Anyway, that approach to the presidency earned him 30% of the  vote in the South Carolina republican primary.

Better still, John McCain got even more partly due to his response, "Make it a hundred.", to a comment that current administration thinking would commit us to Iraq for 50 years. Now isn't that manly for a 73 year old naval pilot shot down over Viet Nam 40 odd years ago? 

And now in Sports - The Dumb Fuck of the Week Award. 

Of course, Skip Bayles (sic) was in the running but actually came in a distant 3rd this week. This week's runner up goes to.......... Golf Monthly! The cover on the this months issue containing a story on the "...lynch him (Tiger Woods) in a back alley..." sportswriter gaff featured the business end of a noose. The mag earns serious  creds for winning more votes that any republican candidate. 

And the winner is, Roger from the Detroit Free Press (yes, that's code for a Black Sportswriter). While appearing on First Take with, whoever but Skip, they were asked if we should give Randy Moss - assault and battery - and Pacman Jones - strip clubs and stabbings - the benefit of the doubt in their current legal difficulties. Skip was quick to reply that both of these guys have no more benefit of the doubts left with him. He ended a hang-em-high rant with the disclaimer that we must maintain decorum and wait until they're convicted in a court before taking drastic measures against these two long-standing pariahs. Roger, always quick to defend the guilty, was additionally agitated by Skips remarks (aren't we all) so Skip at least gets an assist on this one...says in defense of PacMan, "Strip clubs are legal businesses...and these are young men (PacMman) with lots and money and time on there hands. And you know that young guys with money and time on their hands want to see the women."  We need to let the President of ESPN know how grateful we are that our sons and daughters and can tune into ESPN and get that kind of sage advice. 

All in all it was a great week for the racists, mysoginists and warmongering. Must be election time in the "Gleaming City on the Hill".