Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ah, the World Series.

Once again it's Word Series time and Tim McCarver, my favorite baseball anal-yst (the dash is silent), says there is a very good chance a team from the United States will win it all this year. USA! USA! USA!

The next several games will be played in the home park of the Texas Rangers, a team once owned by George W. Bush. After several years of losing records and disastrous financial losses G.W. sold the team in 1998 proving it takes at least 12 years to get over Bush.

The games in Arlington should be interesting. Several hundred Giants fans have come into town to support their team ... the first time anyone from San Francisco has voluntarily gone to Texas.

The Governors of Texas and California have, of course, made the traditional, friendly wager on the outcome of the series. If Texas wins, it may secede from the Union. If San Francisco wins, Texas has to secede from the Union.


A hearty "Well Done!" to NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me for the above truth and wisdom.

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