Friday, October 22, 2010


The Texas Rangers outpitched, outhit and outplayed the Yankees all the way to their first World Series in franchise history and bringing an "early" conclusion to the season. No November baseball for me (a bizarre thought to begin with) - the thought of a high definition, larger-than-life, cud-chewing, tongue-slurping, seed-spitting image of Ron Washington in my living room is so grotesque that I'll never be able to experience Halloween or Stephen King novels in quite the same way. They're just not scary any more.

I congratulate the Yanks on sustaining their September implosion into October. It can't be easy for a team with so many veterans making so much money to play that badly for so long... but this collection of bumbling, bungling multimillionaires managed to do it. But, then again, Yankee history is filled with the improbable.

A farewell salute to Robinson Cano and Mark Teixeira for providing so many incredible plays in the field. They are a unique combination. A toast to Andy Pettitte and Mariano for proving that baseball can still be a country for old men - well, exceptional old men. The rest was remarkably unexceptional. I'll leave it to Chad to find the roses hidden among the thorns.

Of course, the best part of The Great Collapse of 2010 is that when I woke this morning nothing important had changed. My wife is still beautiful, my children still enjoy parental love and attention, and my dog still uses the universe as his personal restroom. Life is good. And to be honest, I'll take an occasional peek at the Series to watch Elvis run the bases, Cliff Lee pitch, and, if the Giants get in, Tim Lincecum is a hoot.

I am looking forward to five months of discussions about "What's Wrong with the Yankees?" and "How to Fix the Yankees?" No doubt that will be more entertaining than how they played over the last six weeks. And now that this season is officially closed - there are only six people outside of Texas, Philly, or the Bay Area who really care about a World Series without the Yankees - check the television ratings if you don't believe me - perhaps Chad and I can forgive the rants, raves, sarcasm, and snarkiness of the the past six months and once again enjoy a friendship of almost 50 years.

And to our few but faithful readers of Chad Picasner at Large, get a life!

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