Saturday, October 02, 2010


***THE GOOD***
In a move towards satisfying the needs of a younger audience, MLB has scheduled the Third game of the World Series to start at 6:57 p.m., instead of the usual 8:30 or so. It's about time they realized that their youngest fans have been unable to enjoy baseball's biggest show and are doing something about it. Thank you Mr. Commissioner.

***THE BAD***
It's only one game of a possible seven, but I guess it's "baby steps." On the other hand, why a Saturday night? Why not a game during the week, you know, SCHOOL NIGHTS? Instead of patting yourself on the back, MLB, why don't you make a real concession to the fans and schedule a day game (2:00 pm) or at least a twilight game (4:10 pm)?
We will now pause for a few minutes in case anyone from the commissioners office should be reading this and needs some time to allow their heart to slow down. ......Okay now? Lacking a radical move like that, did you ever think to put an encore presentation on the next day? YES Network does it and even if you saw the original, it's fun to watch it again the next day - a bonus for the fans.

***THE UGLY***
And just to prove that they care even less about the players than they do the fans, the Yankees are playing probably the most important day-night doubleheader of the year today. Did MLB schedule one game for 1:00 pm and the 2nd game for 6:00 pm? What, and make the commiss--, I mean FOX Network, change IT'S schedule? Of course not. First game is a 4:10, the 2nd game is at 9:00 pm, or thereabouts. Can you think of a more pleasant atmosphere for a baseball game than a rainy midnight in Boston? The fans may still be there by choice, but not one player would be if they had the choice, especially the Red Sox, who have nothing to gain. At least the fans can drink beer during the game.
Major League Baseball and Bud Selig (after all, it's his responsibility if not his fault) continue to shoot themselves in the foot. They should aim a little higher.

CT. Yankee thinks I shouldn't pick on the 'lesser' teams in the league. I admit that being that they are pros, the axiom, "Any team can beat any other team on any given day," certainly holds. But there is a reason they have a worse record than a first place team: they aren't as good. While the Yanks were playing arguably the 4th or 5th best team in the league, plus a division AND a personal rival, the Rays were not. Therefore, you'd have to say the Rays were more likely to win their games than the Yanks, which is the point I was making.
Secondly, if the Yanks have a good chance to win their division, I think Girardi will play his best guys, but if not... Don't forget, a tie does the Yanks no good either. Girardi's point is to win the playoffs, not finish in first for the regular season. He might have no choice, now that he has to play a double header tonight ...and into tomorrow.

For those of you not familiar, read the posting from 9/28.
Mansfield Wrotto has been signed to the Buffalo Bills practice squad. Picasner will become a member of the Wrotto Rooters Fan Club if Vod will agree to be the President. Unfortunately, Dwight Perry has declined an honorary membership:
"No, I'll let you take the plunger, er, plunge." - Dwight Perry


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