Thursday, October 07, 2010


Minneapolis is a great place to visit and it brings out the best in the Yankees. The weather was fabulous for October baseball, the new stadium glittered in the late afternoon light, and game 2 was an exciting sequel to Wednesday's come from behind win. You saw CC Sabathia grind down a determined Twins team and Andy Pettitte finish the sweep with cutters and curves - both with solid assistance from a shut-down bullpen and record post-season saves by Mariano. The Yankee fielding was rock solid. You know who carried the big bats, who didn't, and that the Yankees still need one more win to move to the ALCS finals. Nice series.

Two great wins for the Yankees and for the sportswriters. Friday night's blown call on the 9th inning trap-catch play flared up the replay discussion and Hunter Wendelstadt's strike zone on Thursday provide controversy. Something for everyone to agrue, analyze, and grand falloon about.

I also take several memories from these two games.

1) Ron Gardenhire has really hairy ears, but well trimmed.

2) The 2010 Yankee defense is really good. Probably mentioned that before, eh.

3) I've been thinking a lot about getting a Mini Cooper for the past couple months. But after realizing that 2 Minis could easily park in Carl Pavano's nose, and that mine is as big as Carl's, I'll never be able to look at a Mini in quite the same way again.

4) Jorge still gives you a game.

5) Nice park, worth a visit.

6) I'll pay money to watch Ryan Miller tend goal in Buffalo. Baseball's almost over, the NBA sucks, it's a long winter up here, and Miller is amazing.

7) Played 9 with LT when the Rays were on. If their fans won't go inside to see them, neither will we, especially on a fantastic, fall golf day.

8) The Seinfeld episode tonight had the scene when George was giving Bernie Williams and Derek Jeter a hitting lesson. The episode was shot after the Yankees won the World Series in Jeters rookie year. Bernie needed a shave. Derek was waiting for his facial hair to come in.

Nice day.


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