Thursday, October 21, 2010


It seemed easier than what I read this morning. CC gave up a bunch of hits, but never the big hit. Every time it looked like the Rangers were going to fight their way back in it, CC would step up and say, "Um, I don't think so."
In the meantime, the Yankee bats finally woke up and did some damage and put some pressure on the Rangers. In a post game interview, Mgr Ron Washington said, "They beat us. We didn't give it away." I suppose so, if you don't count the second inning, when Texas looked like little leaguers out there. It started with third baseman Michael Young, who has not been very impressive in this series. First, he backed away from an A-Rod line drive. Last night, on a play at third, he tried to stay on the bag instead of going out to get the throw. With a throw that bad, you aren't going to nail the runner, so your obligation is to get that throw. That mistake allowed Posada to try for home. He would have been dead again, except Wilson, backing up on the play, threw it over the catchers head.
A few homers, some great relief pitching and another bonehead play on the bases by the Rangers and the Yanks had a win. If the Yanks win game six, it will be interesting to see if the pressure will get to Texas. That pressure will be a lot greater than the first round.

Darlin' Ron Darling was at it again last night. After Wilson walked his second man, Darling said, "Back to back walks from Wilson, Very uncharacteristic." A few minutes later, he commented, "Wilson had 93 walks, leading the American League." I guess he had to walk at least three in a row to stay in "character."
From RJ Currie: "Cliff Lee dominated New York in game three of the ALCS, striking out 13 leading Texas to an 8-0 victory. The last time Lee made a bunch of Yankees look that bad, President Lincoln fired General McClellan."
From Bob Molinaro, The Virginia-Pilot: "It was very convenient for Cliff Lee to pitch at Yankee Stadium this week. While he was there, he picked out his locker for next season."
Budd Bailey, Buffalo News: After rescued Chilean miner Edison Pena was invited to run in the New York City Marathon: "If the course went through the Lincoln Tunnel, he'd be tough to beat."

Victoria's Secret unveiled it's new $2 million dollar bra yesterday. That's nothing. This winter, Cliff Lee will unveil HIS new $25 million Yankee jersey. (Tough question: Which would you rather watch?)

Ian O'Connor continues to take heat for his comments about Girardi's moves in game four. Even though today's column had nothing to do with Girardi, the readers are still calling him names.

Lunch with the cousins today. A non-drinker is doing the driving to Rochester so another relative can drink. Should be interesting.


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