Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Can I look now? Analysts often say that professional hitters will do better against a pitcher, the second and third time through the lineup. Yet, every time Lee pitches against the Yanks, he seems to be even more overpowering.
Kevin Long may be a miracle worker with the Yankee hitters, but he's no match for Cliff Lee's left arm. It's a good thing Texas took Lee out after 8 innings. With the score, 8-0, I was afraid Lee would pitch the ninth inning with his right arm, just to show he could do it. So much for Kevin Long's "plan." During the previous round of the playoffs (remember the "glory days?"), it was said that the Yankees were inside the Twins head. Well the head is in a different hat, now. The Yanks have to win three straight, because if it comes down to a game 7, Lee will just have to thrown his rosin-stained hat out on the mound and it's curtains for the Yanks.

Andy Pettitte pitched great, but you can't win without runs. The Yanks only hit a couple of balls hard, including a line drive by A-Rod into left center , but left-fielder Nelson Cruz caught up with it and made a wonderful stretched-out grab, saving at least a double. However, that didn't even faze the broadcasters, who simply said, "A-Rod flied out to left."

So who would have thought the Yankee season now comes down to AJ Burnett? I better get out the Johnny Walker Red; Labatt's Blue isn't going to do it for this one.


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