Monday, October 11, 2010


The Yanks don't play until Friday against an opponent yet to be determined. On the one hand, it gives all the Yankee walking-wounded and "oldtimers" a chance to heal up and rest. On the other hand, you have to hope that rust doesn't set in and no momentum is lost. I'm not too worried about the momentum, since the majority of the team is experienced in playoff competition.
The ESPN "analyst" that's been assigned to cover the Yanks, Wallace Matthews, wrote that you shouldn't put too much stock in the Yanks 3-game sweep of a "clearly inferior team." Gee, I thought the Twins had won their division easily. Apparently, the AL Central has been designated as Division III baseball while our backs were turned. (Please note: Wallace is no relation to our own Bob "WW" Matthews, but it seems like he should be)

Errors have played a big part in a number of games in the 2010 playoffs. Normally, teams don't make it this far without being pretty good defensively. This year, the only exception is Atlanta, which has the 2nd worst fielding team in baseball. However, the only teams that have played up to their records are the Yanks and Minnesota. The Twins only made one error, but it helped break open the first game. As to the rest of the teams:
Yankees - 0
Twins - 1
Giants - 2
Rays - 3
Phillies - 3
Rangers - 4
Braves - 5
Reds - 7
The numbers might not seem too high, but they all represent 3-4 times the number of errors they would make, based on their season averages. I believe that if a team is feeling the pressure, it will show up in the field.

TBS, taking advantage of their national audience are airing promos for their network. All networks do this, but TBS has taken it to a new level. The promo last night was for college basketball's March Madness. That's 5 months off. So how was your Christmas?

Seattle Times reader Roy Brewer, on the NFL investigating reports that QB Brett Favre once e-mailed pictures of his private parts to a female Jets employee: "And I thought he didn't like playing exhibition games."
Dwight Perry: "Patriots QB Tom Brady and receiver Randy Moss got into a heated locker-room squabble on the subject of hair grooming just days before Moss was traded to the Vikings, CBS reported. Over split ends, no doubt."
Janice Hough: "But how must it feel to be a Minnesota Twins fan? 12 playoff losses in a row. This team now folds faster than the winners at an Origami competition."

Comedian Ralphie May was arrested at an airport the other day, for possession of marijuana. Being a friendly sort, he went out of his way to pet a dog. Turns out the dog was there to sniff out illegal drugs.


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