Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Season's End 2.0

I am so glad its over. Play was so poor in September, and October, that SU football was an attractive alternative.

Every journalist has used a reference to the post-season, the playoffs, when all won - lost records are reset and everyone's batting average goes back to .000. The Yankees, then, should have a great post-season. Their batting averages were already heading in that direction.

What two things can you say about the team with the worst starting pitching ERA since the All Star break? 1) It's a NY team. 2) It's not the Mets.

I predicted Javier Vasquez would be a disaster in New York the 2nd time around when he was reacquired in the Melky trade. Pretty smart. I also predicted Brett Gardner would hit under .250. Not so smart. He probably would have hit over .300 for the season if he had faced the Yankee starters for the past 2 months.

George's 760 lb. plaque hardly captures his 20 ton ego. Even in death he is bigger than the greatest Yankees of all time, the single most elevated aspect of Yankee history, truly deserving recognition as the man who saved the Yankees, baseball, and western civilization from ruin and destruction, the one to be revered as Yankee Savior until the apocalypse when all wearers of the pinstripes will join George in BossLand where he shall rule the universe and smite the evilness of the Smelly Bostonians beating their bats into sharp sticks in their eyes. Amen.

The Best of 2010 - Teixeira and Cano playing magnificent defense game after game after game. There was no other place to see anything close.

The Worst of 2010. Some say the worst is yet to come. Let's hope they're wrong.


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