Friday, October 29, 2010


After making such a big deal about starting the season one day earlier so they wouldn't end up playing deep into November, Selig has said he's "open" to expanding the playoffs. He's considering making the first round a seven game series instead of five and adding more wild-card teams. So it seems that it's one step forward and two (or more) steps back. At this rate, Bud will have to build in another off-day: Thanksgiving.

Texas manager Ron Washington sure showcased all the disadvantages of this particular technique. To me, there are two major problems with this theory. One, the matchups usually involve too small a sample to be trusted: the hitter is only 1-7 lifetime against a pitcher. Does this make it a sure thing? Of course not. If that same hitter then goes 3-3 against the same pitcher, now he's hitting 4-10, or .400. Did the hitter suddenly become an all-star? Wrong again. Secondly, maybe the guy you bring in doesn't have it that day. Bring in three different guys and you increase the odds that you're going to run into one guy that's out of whack. That's what happened last night. Bingo, game over.


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