Wednesday, December 01, 2010


The best shortstop in baseball has signed a 10-year deal for a whopping $158 million, stunning the baseball world. What? No, it isn't Derek Jeter, it's Troy Tulowitzki, of the Colorado Rockies. They must have started using the same accountant the Yankees use.

With the contentious negotiations with Jeter, Rivera wanting more than a one year deal and Cliff Lee backing up a Brink's truck to Yankee Stadium, General Manager, Brian Cashman, must be ready to jump off a building. Oh wait, he really is. On Sunday, Cashman will rappel 22 stories off the Landmark Building in Stamford, CT., as part of their Heights and Lights event. Showing an amazing lack of shame, he will also be dressed as an elf while performing this stunt and there will be no safety net. If you're waiting for the other shoe to drop, forget it. This is all for real. A reporter asked Brian if he was scared, to which he replied, "No, I'm not. Nothing is as scary as being GM of the New York Yankees." Absolutely correct, and there's no safety net there, either.


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