Saturday, December 11, 2010


The Yanks are reportedly upping their offer attention now...catcher Russell Martin, in an effort to outbid the Boston Red Sox for his services. The former Dodger has been non-tendered by LA and is a free agent.

Let me see if I understand this:
Martin has spent his entire 8-year career in the Dodger organization, the last five as their starting catcher. He's 27 years old and has averaged 133 games a year with a .272 career average. And the Dodgers just let him go. Do you think maybe they know something? Well, there is that fractured hip he suffered last year. Of course, there are reports that he has been able to squat down lately. That would be good for a catcher, don't you think?

The Yanks have three catchers on the roster now, and yet they seem to be pushing way too hard to sign a fourth. I read all the time that the Yanks have 3 great catching prospects in their organization, including Jesus Montero, who is expected to be the starter in 2011. We all know that Girardi likes to 'mix-n-match' his relievers during the game, is he going to try the same thing with catchers? "Yeah, Michael, Martin's gonna be our set-up catcher for the 7th & 8th and then we'll finish off with Cervelli." Way to blow a few dollars, Brian. Of course, this follows the Yankee's current policy: RICH OR POOR, IT'S GOOD TO HAVE MONEY.


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