Friday, December 03, 2010


Mo is in the fold for 2 more years at $15+ million per year. That's not the silly part. The silly part is Rob Neyer saying Rivera is "...probably not worth $15 million a year." Why, you say? Because he pitched only 60 innings last year. That's right, Rob, only 60 innings... and only 11 walks...and only an era of 1.80...with 33 saves (5 blown saves) and a WHIP of .083. I guess he's over the hill, eh Rob? I still can't believe they pay this guy.

In line with our previous comment, here's a headline on ESPN today:
It seems the Sox actually made a 2-year, $30 million bid for Rivera also, and were prepared to non-tender their current closer if they got him. Apparently, they're not paying attention to Neyer, either. Rivera turned them down to re-sign with the Yanks (Whew!).

***THE YANKS ARE CONTRIBUTING ...*** the welfare of the rest of the American League. And not just with the luxury tax, either. No they are providing the other 14 AL teams with a batting practice pitcher, that will be offered occasionally during the season. How are they doing this? They have signed Sergio Mitre for $900,000 for the 2011 season. That ought to raise a few batting averages.

# The White Sox have signed 1st baseman Adam Dunn. A decent power hitter who will NOT remind anyone of a first baseman if he should ever get on the field. The only reason he knows where 1st base is, is because he rounds it on his way to 2nd...which he does frequently.
# Former mainstay 3rd baseman of the Chicago Cubs, Ron Santo, has passed away. He held down the hot corner for the Cubs for 14 years and was considered one of the top three 3rd basemen in baseball during his career.
# The Winter Meetings start on Monday when the silliest of rumors usually pop up. Brian Cashman will be there, providing he survives his 22-story rappel in Stamford, CT.
# Maybe it's just some kind of tactic, but a source close to baseball says that the Yanks have a definite interest in Carl Crawford. Even if it's not true, Crawford's agent must be delirious, knowing that that rumor will raise the bar a few million dollars.

"Last Sunday, Ndamukong Suh tackled Marion Barber by Barber's dreadlocks. This was the “I Can't Believe Someone Didn't Do This Five Years Ago” Play of the Day."


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