Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Much to the surprise of everyone in the New York City area, George Steinbrenner was NOT elected to the HOF by the "new" Veterans Committee. This may surprise other Yankee fans, but Picasner is not a supporter of Big George's entrance into the Hall. If baseball won't let in Pete Rose for betting on baseball (and they shouldn't), why let in a convicted felon, who twice was suspended from the game, once for actually paying someone to discredit one of his own players. But George doesn't need the Hall; he has his own "Hall": the Yankees Monument Park, soon to be renamed: The George Steinbrenner Memorial Park ---and friends.

***SILLINESS #1***
The Yanks are supposed to be big players in the Russell Martin sweepstakes. The former Dodger catcher is available and has drawn interest from a few teams. Why would the Yanks have any interest? They have named Montero the 2011 starter with Cervelli as back-up and Posada hanging around. Plus they have two more elite catching prospects in the minors. So why would they want an injury prone catcher who hit .250 and 'blasted' a total of 12 homeruns in two years?

The theory here is that Werth's contract will drive Crawford's worth up to a point where only two teams (Boston & NY) would be able to afford him. But if the Yanks aren't all that interested and there is not bidding war, wouldn't the price come down? Should be interesting.

If it's true that the Yanks want Cliff Lee desperately, what are they negotiating? Whether he wants to be paid in 10's or 20's?

Vod is correct. Even if Skip Bayless were all alone in that room, he still wouldn't be the smartest one there. He's another one of those "conversational bullies," who hog the floor, interrupt everyone and dismiss as folly, anything anyone else says. I'd like to see a debate between him and Mike Lupica, journalism's other know-it-all.


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