Thursday, December 16, 2010

And that's all I have to say about that...

Picasner has raised the essential question about last year's pitching staff. How bad can they be?

If that question doesn't keep Cashman, Girardi, Tweedle Hank, and Tweedle Hal up at night, nothing will because, sadly, the answer might well be "Really bad". Last season's staff did not lead the Yankees into the playoffs but were, rather, one of several reasons that they basically stumbled into the playoffs by playing sub .500 for over a month at season's end.

Looking forward, CC is a fatcident waiting to happen. He is a big man, a very big man, checking in at over 300 lbs. Don't you wonder just how many mega-inning years his knees will support explosively pushing that weight off of the rubber? Even more worrisome are his stats vs. teams with winning records. The details are available at dozens of stat sites. Suffice it to say, they weren't good last year and the division should be much better in 2011.

Picasner's harsh, straight-jacket comment about Zack Greinke more accurately applies to the Yanks other initialed starter, AJ Burnet, aka AJ BurnOut, aka AJ BlowUp. While Greinke has managed to overcome social anxiety disorder and depresion to marry a Miss Daytona Beach USA 2008, Emily Kuchar, and win a Cy Young in 2009, AJ has managed to simply and consistently throw the ball to the backstop. This is a guy that needs "professional" help.

Phil Hughes, we all hope, remains a bright spot. Let's hope he matures enough to last an entire season and that the Yanks continue to be a run machine when he pitches.

And there you have the current starting five. Oops! That's only three. Well, were still waiting on Andy Pettitte's decision about which half of the season he'll pitch, if he doesn't retire, and the last starter and a half won't be decided until spring training.

Picasner's right. There may no longer be a Big Move for the Yanks to make that either makes sense or that they can afford.

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