Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Love U Brian

As we have come to expect, Chad raises important issues regarding the Yankees courtship of Russell Martin. However, there are several underlying reasons why this may be a crucial acquisition.

1. Given the currently ramshackle state of Boston catching, depriving Kid Theo of even a modest upgrade is easily worth a few spare million or two, roughly equivalent to A-Rod's meal money.

2. If Martin is indeed unable to "do squat" he will give Kei Igawa, who can't throw squat, someone to soft-toss with in 2011.

3. And, if Martin is able to "squat", and if Cliff Lee accepts one of the twenty-seven offers that the Rangers have tendered, also a big "if", then Brian can do what Brian does best - start a "process". With new catching talent, and I do use that word loosely, Brian can go after Zack Greinke in earnest with a package of Montero, Bret Gardner, a few billion dollars, and a bus load of players to be named later. And best of all, Brian can send Derek Jeter to the outfield, where he really wants him, as punishment for a) years of marvelous service, and b) for entering and completing the recent "process" with honesty and integrity, both unforgivable signs of aging in Brian's play book.

Regardless of the outcome, Brian Hal, Hank, or whoever, are really amusing fellows, aren't they?

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