Thursday, December 16, 2010


As one sports writer put it, "The Yankees have to feed the beast." The sense is they have to make some kind of big move, not that they have a huge hole to fill, but because they HAVE to. Yeah, they could use a proven starter, but last years staff got them into the playoffs, so how bad could it be?

The names that have surfaced don't make much sense:
Chris Carpenter, Cardinals - A 35-year old National Leaguer. 'Nuff said.
Carlos Zambrano, Cubs - An NL headcase who would probably win more fights than games.
Matt Garza, Rays - Like the Rays would actually trade with the Yanks
Zack Greinke, Royals - Head case #1, and it's hard to get anything on a fastball when you're in a strait jacket.
Felix Hernandez, Mariners - This would cost every prospect the Yanks have, plus a ton of money.
Mark Buehrle, White Sox - This is the only one that makes sense, but because he's a 10 and 5 man, he's in a position to demand a new contract...and a Brinks truck.

I think it's more likely they'll make a series of little moves like bringing Kerry Wood back or another lefty set-up man.

Speaking of little moves, the Yanks have signed another catcher. Yes, another catcher. But it's okay, this is a Molina. Don't get too excited, it's Gustavo Molina and he's no relation to the other three. He's 28, been in the majors since 2007, has only 41 at-bats with a career average of .122. The Yanks are his 6th team. How little can you get?

"Rapid Robert" Bob Feller has died at age 92. Among a long list of achievements is a little know fact that he couldn't get Joe DiMaggio out and neither one of them knew why.


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