Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sliding into 2nd?

Cleveland Indians officials have turned Progressive Field into a winter playground in an effort to get more use, and revenue, out of what would otherwise be a dormant facility. The tube hill, aka The Batterhorn and skating track are expected to attract over 60,000 visitors before closing Jan. 2.

Now if the Indians can figure out how to attract fans to a "dormant facility" during the baseball season...

Why I Might Be Called Cynical

Syracuse is in the running to receive up to $1 million to fight hunger in Walmart's hunger relief campaign. Walmart's Facebook page reports that over 18 percent of families in the Syracuse community cannot afford regular meals compared to a 9% national average. Onondaga Comptroller, Dick Antonacci, probably doesn't have that problem after receiving his $12,000 raise.

New Coach Needed?

Hey, Brian. How about bringing New York's junior senator Kristen Gillebrand to spring training for a few lessons on getting things done. She single-handedly cajoled, humiliated, and goaded the Senate into passing legislation to provide medical care to the 9/11 first responders who have been sickened by exposure to toxic dust at ground zero and played a huge role in eliminating the despised Don't Ask Don't Tell policy.

All you had to do was find a starting pitcher. And how did that go?

For What?

CC Sabathia spoke to Cliff Lee several times during the free agency process and again after Lee's decision. The two plan to go fishing during spring training.

"Just knowing what it's like to go through that, you don't want somebody calling you all the time," Sabathia said. "He knew what the Yankees could offer and what New York would bring and that I loved it over there. We're pretty close. I didn't want to keep bugging him with it. Everybody was like, 'Did you make a pitch?' For what?"

Maybe a chance at wining your division, a pennant, or a World Series?

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