Friday, December 31, 2010


I have never liked the silly things football players would do after scoring a touchdown, so I like the "no excessive celebrations" rule, but leave it to the NCAA to suck the life out of it by carrying the rule to the extreme. After watching pro football players, who have the same rule, "dunk" the football over the crossbar, do somersaults into the end zone and jump into the stands to celebrate their TDs, with nary a flag being thrown, you'd have to call yesterdays penalty a travesty of justice.
After scoring a TD with one minute and change left in the game, Kansas St. was within two points of tying the game. However, the refs apparently decided that a NY team should win the first Pinstripe Bowl in NY's Yankee stadium, and called a foul on the KSU receiver that scored the TD when he "saluted" the Kansas fans sitting in the end zone seats. It isn't like he taunted anyone or did cartwheels back to the bench, he basically waved to the fans. The subsequent 15-yard penalty made the two-point try very difficult, if not impossible, "saving" the win for the Orangemen. Every time you think it can't get any sillier...

The UCONN Women's basketball team has finally lost, losing to the Stanford Cardinals, 71-59.
90 straight wins is a nice round number that will probably last a long, long time. There is more and more parity in Women's Collegiate basketball now, so I doubt there will ever be a team this dominant again. After the Pinstripe Bowl fiasco, I'm surprised the refs didn't call a technical on Stanford for excessive celebrating. Good thing the game wasn't in NY. At any rate, congratulations to the UCONN Huskies.

Hope Uncle Curly gets a pass to tomorrow's bowl games.


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