Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Vod has documented the corruption in "amateur" sports, but the professional teams have no clue what to do with the income earned up front. There are a number of athletes who will be into their 40's and still pulling down 8-figure salaries. And you can't just put this on the Yankee's head. Seattle got into the act with Cano's contract, but now the new "Evil Empire" has arisen on the west coast.

The L.A. Dodgers have agreed to pay Clayton Kershaw $45,500...a game! For seven years! The deal is $215 million for 7 years, and based on his record for the last four years, that's what it works out to. He's a pitcher. They get hurt all the time. Suppose he needs Tommy John surgery some time? He going to miss a full year, even though he could probably buy the hospital that does the surgery. If that happens, the Dodgers pay $30 million for nothing. Since A-Rod is due to miss all of 2014, maybe Clayton will loan him a couple of mil.

$25 million for A-Rod.
$30 million for Kershaw
$24 million for Cano
$24 million for Albert Pujols
These are all one year salaries.

It's like Monopoly money to these teams.


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