Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Duke ran Pitt off of its home court last night.

When Jabari Parker is the least efficient offensive forward, shooting 7-19, on a night when you win by 15, on the road, against a ranked opponent, you know others have had an outstanding game.

In addition to Rodney Hood (13 pts, 4 assts) and Amile Jefferson (14 pts, 10 rebs), guard Andre Dawkins was a story, scoring 20 on 6 - 7 shooting from 3, in 15  minutes of play. Quinn Cook was solid (9 pts, 6 assts). Parkers game-leading 11 boards were impressive.

Picasners everywhere are looking forward to seeing Hood, Jefferson, and Parker play against the Syracuse zone. Facing a team capable of shooting over 50% from 3, a highly skilled, quick front line and tenacious defenders will be  a serious test of any holes in SU's game.

Still, the Duke head coach is the guy that the NCAA pushes in front of cameras everywhere to occasionally assure all that piles of money have not had any negative influence on university and college campuses - regardless of any scandals.

SU- Miami Highlights: 1. Tyler Ennis, 2. Coach Jim Boeheim - while much improved in recent seasons, with 5:54 remaining in the Miami game, during a time out, the camera caught the pinky on his right hand slip into, and then out of, his right nostril. First time this year I've seen a Complete Entry & Exit. The team played a strong last 5:54 so, whatever works, 3. Jamie Dickson's comb-over stayed in tact.

Super Bowl MMXIV: How many Rayfield Wright's will be playing football in New Jersey this weekend?

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