Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The Canadians are coming, the Canadians are coming!

With CP away partying 'til dawn and baseball three months off,  there is plenty of time to enjoy other sources of entertainment including the fiction that is talk radio. One of my favorite fantasists is birther and conspiracy theorist Jim Garrow who recently claimed on Erik Rush’s radio freak show, Full Contact, that President Obama had planned to nuke American cities. Garrow and Rush, a Fox News regular, have both insisted that Obama almost nuked America until three anonymous members of the military blocked his deadly plan, which Garrow claims was meant to help George Soros make money by betting against the US dollar.

Ever the jolly huckster, Garrow has uncovered a plot even more diabolical, sinister and evil. Imagine that! Garrow did.

Again appearing on Fox News contributor Erik Rush’s radio program, Garrow claimed that President Obama would try to boost his tanking poll numbers by claiming that scientists had communicated with extraterrestrials.

“What we’re going to be seeing soon is the unveiling of the concept that we have, in fact, been contacted and have been in communication with people from other civilizations beyond earth, and that will be part of the great deception,” Garrow said.

Rush and another guest, Nancy Smith of the Tea Party news show “Politichicks,” said they weren’t surprised. “Personally I’ve already heard some other sources saying the very same thing that you’re saying,” Smith said.

Garrow, who claims President Obama had ordered the deaths of conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart, journalist Michael Hastings and novelist Tom Clancy because they knew he was a Saudi double agent – said the plot would be “the greatest deception that mankind has ever faced.”
Rush replied credulously with a single-word answer: “Wow.”
Garrow said the next step in President Obama’s plan would be to order the military to attack Americans who aren’t deceived by his alien contact hoax, but the conservative activist doubted that U.S. troops would turn against their own.
That, of course, is where Chinese, Russian and United Nations forces come in, as well as Canadians.

“U.S. troops swear allegiance to the Constitution, but the Canadians don’t,” Garrow warned. He claimed that Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper had signed an agreement to assist one another militarily in the event of an insurrection.

“Now we’re bringing in a new element, a group of people who could be armed and could be in a position to shoot American civilians who have never sworn allegiance to the Constitution,” he said.

That’s where the plan gets so complicated that even Garrow has trouble keeping it straight. “I don’t know where that would fit with respect to the Chinese and Russian, who happen to be here under whatever guise, whether it be training or sharing of information, who knows what they might be in place,” Garrow said. “(But) it opens up a pretty scary scenario.”

Now that’s entertainment.

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