Wednesday, January 22, 2014

One Down, So Many to Go

Yes, the Yankees signed Tanaka for a butt load of money, giving hope to their anxious fans everywhere. With the addition of one more starting pitcher, a 2nd baseman, 3rd baseman, Teixeira remembering how to hit, answered prayers for a healthy Jeter and they might be decent enough to watch.

George Steinbrenner twice removed from baseball (but rich enough to buy his way back in, twice) and convicted felon, the man who hired A-Rod; I’m betting we will never see him in front of a jury again.

But it’s a great day to be a Republican Governor, former Republican Governor or aspiring Republican Governor, everybody.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie continues to make the news because of actions consistent with being, well, a New Jersey politician or Jersey mob boss. While claiming to be a small government conservative, Christie appears committed to keeping GOP-reviled federal workers on the payroll. In his case, the FBI.

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, the Republican who served from 2010 to 2014, was charged in federal court Tuesday afternoon for illegally accepting gifts from a businessman who sought special treatment from the state. McDonnell's wife was also indicted. The alleged gifts include clothes, money, trips, golf accessories, and private plane rides. McDonald, another self-styled fiscal conservative, was elected the same day as another Republican governor who's hard on his luck, Chris Christie. McDonald no longer shares Christie’s FBI enthusiasm.

David Vitter, the junior senator from Louisiana, has announced his intention to run for Governor. His credentials are impressive having magically survived a prostitution scandal and dead madam. Vitter has been described as “…a nasty piece of work… He doesn’t seem to like anybody. He loathes senior senator Mary Landrieu, he detests Governor Bobby Jindal, he despises the media. They all pretty much hate him back.” That should all play well in the bayou.

Vitter’s views on the FBI are not known. 

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