Friday, January 31, 2014


...which, following the lead of the networks, means "All Super Bowl, All The Time."

First, the betting line, which is currently Seattle getting 2.5 points. Seems a little weird to me, since it is an accepted premise that defense wins championships, yet here, the NFL's #1 defense, the Seahawks, are the underdog. Yes, the Peyton Manning-led Broncos are the #1 offense, but they will be playing outside in the always nasty New Jersey weather.

The media is trying to build up the game as cornerback Richard Sherman vs. quarterback Peyton Manning. It probably won't come down to those two because there are too many other factors. If the Seahawks win, there will be a mad rush by reporters to interview Sherman to see whom he might call "mediocre" this time.

A thanks to Janice Hough, Leftcoastsportsbabe, for this one:

My prediction: Doritos will have the best commercial, and Budweiser, the second best.

...And back to baseball.

Milwaukee Brewer announcer, Bob ("Juuuust a little bit outside") Uecker, says he will be cutting back on doing play-by-play at road games this year, but will do all the Brewer home games.Uecker has been Milwaukee's announcer for 42 years. The club announced that it will be erecting a second statue of him outside the stadium this year. Uecker commented that both statues will have better fielding pcts. than he did in his career, but he'll have the better batting average because, "They take too many pitches."

The broken bat that Roger Clemens flung at Mike Piazza during a World Series game, is up for auction.  The current bid is in excess of $4400. I have no idea how to comment on this.

NYS Congressman Michael Grimm, threatened to throw a reporter over the balcony during a press conference for asking an "inappropriate question." Grimm justified his threat by saying, "Why not? He's just a mediocre reporter."

Michael Young has announced his retirement, as has Lance Berkman. Why won't Manny Ramirez?

The Dodgers have announced that they will have two different road uniforms this year, in an attempt to confuse the opposition. The only one confused will probably be Tommy Lasorda.

Pitchers and catchers are just two weeks away.

"First a Florida manatee on a six-year winning streak is picking the Broncos to win the Super Bowl — and now Eli, an ape at Salt Lake City’s Hogle Zoo, is putting a similar six-year streak on the line by picking the Seahawks.  What’s next, a prescient Pennsylvania porcupine to break the tie?"  -- Dwight Perry
"There will be increased security at the upcoming Sochi Olympics.  For example, downhill skiers will now slalom through metal detectors."  -- Greg Cote
"Good thing they didn’t schedule the Super Bowl somewhere with really arctic conditions, like Atlanta."  -- Janice Hough
"Phoenix Coyotes will be changing their name to the Arizona Coyotes next season. Citizens of Arizona are petitioning the team to reconsider and call themselves the New Mexico Coyotes."  TC Chong

"I'm trying to confirm the mayor of Omaha tried to make a Super Bowl bet with the mayor of Seattle but was told, "We realize Peyton Manning is important to you, but, technically, your city is not in the game."  -- Brad Dickson
"There are over 18,000 Super Bowl tickets still available for purchase. The League is scrambling to sign up as many Academy Awards “seat fillers” as they can find before Sunday."  -- TC Chong
"The first Rangers/Devils game at Yankee Stadium had to be delayed because of glare. That is why they should have played at Citi Field. Because the sun never shines there."  -- Marc Ragovin

Stan Kegel and "The Humerus News," where are you?


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