Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Yes, the Yanks signed Japanese ace Masahiro Tanaka for 7 years and $155 million. That's $22 million a year. It's still dwarfed by Clayton Kershaw's $215 million deal, which is a difference of about $8 million a year. Or, to put it into perspective: 2 infielders and a relief pitcher.

David Schoenfield of ESPN, says the Yanks are still "The Evil Empire." I say, "HOO-RAY!"  Adding Tanaka doesn't make the Yanks a cinch 1st place finish; there are still a couple of holes and not just a few question marks, but Cashman did go as far as he could with what was available. Bottom line, I'm sure 'The Boss' is looking down (or up) and smiling.

Tanaka won't be the only story line coming out of Florida this spring. Derek Jeter will always own some of the headlines. The press still follows him around. There was a headline earlier this week: "Jeter resumes on-field workouts in Tampa." They even published the number of ground balls he fielded (108, for those of you who have to know.) As Joe DiMaggio once said, "It's great to be young and a Yankee." Jeter's no longer young, but he'll always be a Yankee.

A-Rod sued his own Union for supposedly not doing everything they could to protect him. Maybe so, they were probably laughing too hard. Some players wanted to kick him out, but union bylaws prevented it. Plexico Burress shot himself in the leg; A-Rod's shot himself in both feet -- and his agent's feet, too.We may have to read about him for a while yet, but I'm betting we'll never see him on a major league field again.

Renee Fleming, the opera singer who grew up in Rochester, New York, will sing the National Anthem at this years Super Bowl. Since teams from Washington State and Colorado are playing, two states where marijuana is legal, wouldn't it make more sense if it was the Grateful Dead or Keith Richards?

"Reuters reports that during the recent heat wave, day after day Australians are seeing dead bats. "We can relate," say Houston Astros fans"  -- RJ Currie
"The new Cubs mascot was obviously designed to appeal to all Cubs fans between the ages of three and three and a half."  -- Brad Dickson
"Vladimir Putin, who wants Russian population growth, is claiming that homosexuality decreases the birth rate. If Putin really wants more babies born in Russia, maybe he needs to work on getting an NBA team."  -- Janice Hough
"Guinness confirms that two men at a Las Vegas electronics store set a world record by watching TV for 87 consecutive hours—it turned out to be the last two minutes of an NBA game"  -- Bill Littlejohn
"Prediction: Super Bowl turning point comes when Peyton Manning switches from "Omaha" to "Truth or Consequences, New Mexico" in his play calling and draws delay-of-game penalty."  -- Dwight Perry
"American Country Awards co-host Danica Patrick joked about her "checkered past." If we’re talking NASCAR, the closest she gets to checkered cloth is at an Italian restaurant."  -- RJ Currie
"Richard Sherman is a top student at Stanford, where he's close to completing his Masters. Here's one commencement speech you don't wanna miss."  -- Brad Dickson
"If MLB starts allowing advertising on it's jerseys, there's a perfect fit of a sponsor sitting there for A-Rod: Target."  -- Dwight Perry
" At the AFC Championship Game, the Omaha Convention & Visitors Bureau carried Peyton Manning off the the field. They it had to bring him back because it was only the third quarter."  -- Brad Dickson


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