Thursday, November 29, 2012


Thanks to the USGA and the R&A for proposing rule 14.1.s.t.u.p.i.d that defines the putting stroke in such a manner as to effectively eliminate the use of long putters. This rule will have greatest impact on amateurs, seniors, recreational, and physically impaired golfers – just the people that we want to keep off the links.

Golf has taken a tremendous hit over the past decade. Hundreds of courses have closed. The number of rounds played annually has been, in good years, flatter than Twiggy. The proposed rule will get duffers off of the remaining courses, open up additional tee times, ‘preserve the purity of the game’ (their words) and assure that the game will continue to be played ‘as its founders intended’ (also their words) – by Scottish sheep herders with feather-stuffed golf balls.

We know that those with short putters have always envied those with long ones… so I congratulate the ruling organizations for their patience in making this decision – waiting nearly 50 years since the appearance of long putters on golf courses before issuing the ruling.

The organizations were most disturbed that young amateurs with long putters have been recently been beating older, short-puttered professionals. How embarrassing.

Beginning in 2016, if the rule is adopted, everyone’s putter will be short. 

Hi Ho!

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