Friday, November 02, 2012


...on the field, that is. There is plenty going on in the board rooms, the locker rooms and the court rooms.

##  In the front offices of baseball teams across the country, General Managers are starting to form their off-season strategies. Most teams are checking scouting reports, the Dodgers are checking bank accounts.

## The Boston Red Sox are reportedly looking to trade Jacoby Ellsbury, drop negotiations with David Ortiz and use Dustin Pedroia at shortstop AND 2nd base at the same time. The plan is to use the money that is saved to hire an actual big league manager.

## Curt Schilling has been sued by the state of Rhode Island for $100 million dollars after  his video game company went bankrupt after failing to repay a $75 million loan from the state. Schilling was quoted as saying the suit was strictly political after he called Gov. Lincoln Chafee a "buffoon" and "a dunce of epic proportions."  Boy, some people are sure sensitive.

## Syracuse University won it's first basketball game of the season, beating Division II Pace University 99-63. In an attempt to keep the final score reasonable, Coach Jim Boeheim used cheerleaders for the final 10 minutes. Setters' head coach, Jim Harter, said his players tried hard, but were confused by all the pom-poms.

## The Miami Marlins have hired former Marlin's player, Mike Redmond, to manage the club for the next three years  or until owner Jeffrey Loria gets tired of him. The transition to Redmond after Ozzie Guillen's antics, should be seamless as Redmond once took batting practice naked for 3 days in a row to inspire to snap a slump. Which gives new meaning to the phrase "letting it all hang out."

## Since the power is out at their hotel due to Hurricane Sandy, the Pittsburgh Steelers are flying into New Jersey on Sunday morning for a 4:00 PM game with the Giants. Here's hoping the airline loses those hideous "Bee" uniforms. 

"A Sports Illustrated poll has named Tim Tebow the NFL's most overrated player. A similar poll of women said Jets starting quarterback Mark Sanchez is the most over-dated."  -- RJ Currie
"A guy walks up to the bar and orders 12oz of flat beer in a plastic cup and insists on paying $9 for it. The bartender asks “Are you crazy?”. The customer says “No, I just miss going to NHL games”.  -- TC Chong
"Brian Cashman spotted signing players in middle of Giants victory parade."  --
"Edenbridge, a town in southeast England, plans to burn a 30-foot replica of disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong in effigy as part of its annual Guy Fawkes Day celebration. Adding further insult, safety officials are calling it a chemical fire."  -- Dwight Perry
 "Thursday night, I had a Trick-or-Treater ring my doorbell at 11 p.m. I said, "Halloween was last night. You're 24 hours late. Who are you supposed to be, anyway?"  He said, "The cable guy."  --  Brad Dickson
"Gaylord Perry threw out a ceremonial first pitch on Wednesday's World Series game. The home plate umpire noticed there was so much moisture on the ball, he almost called a rain delay."  -- TC Chong
"The NFL is investigating whether San Diego receivers used an illegal sticky substance on their hands against the Broncos, but proving it might be difficult. Heck, the Chargers couldn't even hang on to a 24-0 halftime lead."  -- Dwight Perry
" WWE rassler C M Punk accidentally slugged a spectator: Ironically, this was the only fan who left the arena thinking that pro wrestling is real."  -- Brad Dickson
"The most unpopular jersey in the New England area belongs to Ochocinco. I noticed his Patriots jerseys were in a Reduced to Clear rack for $20. So I picked one up, the clerk came over and thanked me, then he handed me 20 bucks."  -- TC Chong


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