Saturday, November 24, 2012

Now that the Yankees, aka the Bronx Bombers, will be within the domain of Rupert Murdoch they will certainly need new nicknames, sobriquets and appellations. After all, Rupert simply can’t allow any of his interests to be associated with a place as “47%” as the Bronx.

So… Chad Picasner at Large is proud to sponsor the first Rename the Bronx Bombers Contest. 1st prize is a two-week vacation from any of the parallel universes inhabited by FoxNews’ blowhards and fear mongers. Everyone else must tune into Fox and suffer through four more years of a President who “just isn’t one of us”, 81 commie-democrat members in the House of Representatives, and get-the-hell–out-of-my-country tea-baggery.

Early entries include the Murdock Marauders, the Atlas Shruggers, and The Hackers (at the plate and into the cell phones of politicians, celebrities and anyone else that Rupert and his merry minions can exploit).

Send your entries to

Entries will be posted and a winner will be announced when we feel like it. Fact checkers will not control the results.

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