Thursday, November 08, 2012

Can You Find the Baseball Metaphor?

Dick Morris, Fox News contributor, was a bit off in his prediction of a Romney landslide, guaranteeing a 5-10% margin of victory in the popular vote and over 300 electoral college votes. Morris was closely trailed in the race for the Most Wrong-Headed, Insipid, Mathless Prediction by Kudlow, a Fox News contributor, Krauthammer, a Fox News contributor (do you sense a pattern here), and the Mighty George Will, a Fox News contributor...

Collectively, the Fox News Contributors are awarded a 1st Runner-Up Sash in the inaugural K-Rove Awards.

It's hard to believe that the  propaganda of the Fox-trots is not our winner. But on the very day following an historic election that demonstrated a national  refusal to continue to live in fear and once again enjoy a uniquely American sense of confidence and good humor, one man has been able to transcend this sense of freedom and relief and cast the election in truly disgusting terms. That man, the Big Sausage Grinder, the man Behind the Curtain of the GOP and Other Lands of Make Bekieve... Rush Limbaugh... is the first recipient of the - K Rove Horse'sAss - Lifetime Achievement Award!

Rush earned his award by describing the overwhelming support that women, who, by the way, made up over 54% of the voting electorate, gave to President Obama in these terms...

"They were afraid that he (Romney) was going to take away their birth control pills."

"He (Obama) treated them like vaginas so they supported him."

Fox News, perhaps in a hissy fit caused by the loss of their candidates (which were predicted to win in the Asses by all Fox News pundits - ironic, huh?) was one of the few cable news networks not to air the tape of Rush hruuummmphing his infamous remarks on his radio broadcast (not ironic at all but, in less than 10 seconds, the endlessly blovating Limbaugh managed to offend, minimalize and totally dismiss  over half of those Americans who voted in the election while candidate Willard only reached the 47% mark in his infamous moment of truth.).

Is it possible that Rush has now set the bar so high for the incredibly stupid and demeaning that no one can ever again realistically aspire to achieve the level of depravity demonstrated by
the 1st K Rove winner?

Possibly. But let's not underestimate the depth of the Fox News bull-sh*t-pen (see, there's a baseball metaphor). We've yet to hear from Sean Hannity and his his merry henchmen, among a host of others.

So, Rush, enjoy your K Rove while you can. You currently epitomize the perfect Horse'sAss, but others are aiming for your hindquarters.

- "Colorado voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use. The Mile High just became figurative." Josh Dylan


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