Thursday, November 22, 2012

I Love A-Rod. Really. I do.

In the last two weeks Mitt Romney has officially become The Most Hated Man in America. Republican pundits and senior party leaders have fallen all over themselves trashing Mitt for everything from running a lousy campaign (in which all of the aforementioned vigorously participated) to representing Republicans as “The Party of the Stupid” (thank Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) for that). Strange that Jindal was in a Mitt bro-mance and positioning himself for a cabinet spot in a Mitt administration prior to the election night thumping.

While I thought it a bit odd that a party would eat its own, we are talking about a really nasty bunch of dudes. You know, Mitch McConnell, the senate minority leader who said, immediately after Obama was elected in 2008, that the most important issue facing the party was to make sure Obama was a one term president. And this is the same guy who invoked the filibuster over 300 times to stop as much legislation as possible to make that happen – at the expense of the well being of the country. And he was joined by Curmudgeon in Chief John McCain, the man so impressed by Sarah Palin’s resume (how the hell was that possible?) that he chose to put her finger one heart attack away from the nuclear button if he had been able to win – and then has never been able to forgive Obama for handing Team Red a much deserved loss.

But to throw the Mitt under the bus days right after the election after tagging it The Most Important Election of Our Lifetime? I wondered what was up with that, until today.

Today I found Mitt’s kiss of death, the real reason he lost the election. Why did he lose in all the battle ground states (excluding a razor’s edge win in NC)? Campaign contributions, plain and simple. Not the hundreds of millions of shady Super PAC money that flowed in from mysterious sources but the money that came from the previously Most Hated Man America – A-Rod.

Yes. A-Rod supported the Mitt. It’s one thing to embrace the support of a truly deranged Donald Trump or revel in the bile spewed from Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. But take an A-Rod contribution and baby, you are toast.

Thank you, A-Rod. I expect boos will turn to cheers when you play in parks across America. While you did little to help the Yankees you have perhaps saved the country. 

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