Sunday, January 30, 2011


Still no big news in sports so...

"I just had my first airport security pat down. I will continue writing after I finish this cigarette."
"The Yankees signed former Expo and 2005 AL Cy Young winner Bartolo Colon to a minor league contract: "I hear Bartolo is half the pitcher he used to be. Does that make him a semi-Colon?''
"Jay Cutler’s toughness was questioned by several players and former players on Twitter, probably unfairly. In Cutler’s defense he was playing behind an offensive line that once gave up four sacks to a practice blocking sled."
"The average Super Bowl ticket price on Stubhub is now over $3000. Geez. For that amount you could get two bleacher tickets to a regular season Yankees games."
(This is right out of an Abbott & Costello routine)
"China's president Hu Jintao thanked president Obama for his hospitality Thursday before he left. The White House state dinner belonged on Comedy Central. The head waiter asked Obama six times who gets served first and Obama agreed with him all six times."
"Among current and former NFL players that called out Jay Cutler's toughness in Sunday's NFC Championship Game was Deion Sanders. That's like having your country's toughness questioned by France."

Lindsay Lohan, after being told that Charlie Sheen has been admitted to rehab for the 6th time, said she was glad he was getting help and she thinks he has an addiction problem. How bad are you when you get called out by Lindsay Lohan?

In an article in the NY Daily News, Jorge Posada claims he has "no problem being the full-time DH for the Yankees." However, if you read a little further, he also says he has no doubt he will be behind the plate during "important ballgames." I think this is a potential controversy brewing: Posada does have a strong drive to win and has no problem getting on the case of anyone he doesn't think is trying hard enough, but he also seems somewhat selfish when it comes to HIS role with the club. This is going to be interesting.


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