Thursday, January 13, 2011


Let's not forget that we're in the middle of the Silly Season. Here's some of the silliness:


{ Joe Torre interested in working for MLB under Bud Selig }
This could be okay. I guess it depends how far 'under' Selig he is. 6 feet seems about right.

{ It's Scott Boras' job to find 3 old-timers work }
It's Johnny Damon, Manny Ramirez and Andruw Jones. Jones is the only one who still knows which hand he supposed to wear a glove on. All three might hit - heavy on the 'might.' Supposedly, the Yankees are interested in Jones. If they sign him, I hope they can convince him to change the spelling of his first name. Amazing as Boras is, I'll be stunned if he gets all three signed.

{ Trevor Hoffman retires }
A superlative closer with a career 601 saves. Last year, he reportedly said he was going to play until Mariano Rivera retired, so he would end up as the career saves leader. Since he was obviously over the hill and no one would make him an offer for this year, his 'saves' record is now in Mariano's hands. Mo' will probably pass him, but that's okay, in five or six years, Trevor will be in the Hall of Fame. He sure deserves it.

{ Tampa Bay signs Kyle Farnsworth }
Kyle has a reputation of being the toughest, scariest guy in baseball. I don't know how many games he'll help the Rays win, but he'll sure make bench-clearing brawls interesting.

{ The Yanks are interested in Justin Duchscherer }
A 34 year-old free agent, formerly with the Oakland A's, has been both a starter and a reliever. He spent most of last year injured. I couldn't figure out why the Yanks were interested, but they do have a spot open on the DL now that Nick Johnson is gone.

The Syracuse Orange won last night to improve their record to 17-0. They're a very good team, but I have one question: who teaches them to shoot free throws? Shaquille O'Neal?


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