Monday, January 17, 2011


Phil Mushnick (an appropriate name) of the NY Post, wrote a column Sunday, on how the NFL turns a blind eye to all the crudity and trash talk that goes on before, during and after the games. He called those actions "unsportsmanlike," and compared it to a title game between "the Crips and the Bloods." He's correct in that the league should definitely step up and take action to eliminate this, but then he felt the need to blow his own horn regarding the leagues concern over concussions:
"Only after the news media, armed with medical data, began to examine the growing numbers of neurologically impaired ex-players, many of them young men, did the NFL feel enough that it began to act on its rules that had been in place for decades."
Sure, the media helped, Phil, but don't make it sound like a personal crusade. Your personal crusade against Mike Francesa's high-hat machinations sure hasn't done any good.

Buster Olney had so little to say this morning, that he spent four paragraphs on how to break in a baseball glove. Tomorrow's discussion may be on how to clean your spikes.

There has been a lot of rumors floating around that there is a rift in the Yankee front office, between Brian Cashman and the Yankee hierarchy. After insisting he would not give up a #1 draft pick to sign Rafael Soriano, he signed him anyway. All the parties deny this, of course, but there's no denying that the brass felt the bullpen needed bolstering by adding two more set-up men in spite of the fact that they still had Robertson and Chamberlain.
Which brings us to the 2nd point: the Yanks may be"shopping" Joba. I love the way they describe this: "We have no interest in trading Chamberlain, but we're willing to listen to offers." Probably nothing will happen till spring training, and then watch how many scouts watch Joba pitch in the spring. According to one GM, that's exactly how to tell if a club has put a player on the market.

Albert Pujols has announced that if he and the Cardinals have not worked out a new contract by the start of spring training, negotiations will be suspended and he will test free-agency. His agent says that this is "for the good of the team." Oh, really? It has nothing to do with money? Nope! He's not putting pressure on St Louis to come up with some monster bucks? Nope! It's "for the good of the team." Yeah, right. I should note that this statement was made just prior to a sold-out, two hour autograph session by $175 per signature. For the "good of the team," of course - Team Pujols.

"Brett Favre’s sister Brandi was arrested on meth charges. When police raided the condo she tried to throw the meth away but it was intercepted by a cop and returned for a touchdown."

"Ted Williams, the former homeless man with the golden voice, got to meet Kobe Bryant. Kobe made Williams an honorary teammate. Which means that for the rest of his life Kobe will never speak to him again."

"In the middle of the snowstorm football recruit Tyler Moore from Clearwater, Fla., arrived in Lincoln, Neb. No truth to the rumor the Jaws of Life were needed to remove him from the plane."

"Fashion model and Italian national freestyle skydiving champion Roberta Mancino was recently named the Sexiest Woman in Sports by Men's Fitness magazine. She has logged over 5,500 jumps - including four in the nude. I've never parachuted, but I could see falling for her."

"A man held up a bank in Phoenix, Az, demanding all the $20, $40, and $60 bills. Luckily, he left after the teller told him, "All I have are $80s."


A comment from "Mortified":
With the name "Mushnick," Phil has to at least be an honorary member of the Lollipop Guild, doesn't he?
Dickson's bit about football recruit Tyler Moore from Clearwater, FL is hilarious!
Your bit about Jamie Moyer's other arm, "a used one of his in Cooperstown last year. It was right next to a red and white sock." also hilarious!

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