Friday, January 14, 2011


So all the talk about not wanting to lose a first round draft pick was really more "want" and less "talk." When will we ever learn? If Cashman were to talk out of more sides of his mouth, he'd have to buy more lips.
The plan, of course, is for Soriano to be the set-up man for Rivera and then be the heir apparent for the closer job in 2013 or sooner if (gulp) Mariano were to suddenly become human. But who knows? The deal apparently includes player options after the first two years, so this might be just one and done.
The way the Yanks seem to be setting up the team, we could be looking at a 'reverse' pitching staff, where the starters become the set-up men: "Just give me three or four good innings until I can get my crack bullpen in there." Sound interesting, Andy?

## Cam Newton is "turning" pro. So what has his years at Auburn been? Semi-pro? At least the money goes straight to Cam now, instead of thru Daddy first.

## Jamie Moyer does not want to retire. He's going to miss the 2011 season while the doctors sew on a new arm. I don't think this is his first replacement arm, either. I'm sure I saw a used one of his in Cooperstown last year. It was right next to a red and white sock.

## Ted Williams (no, not that one), he of the magical voice, given a reprieve after living on the streets because of substance abuse, is headed back to rehab. The pattern is: 10 minutes of fame and then The Betty Ford Clinic. Well, if it worked for Lindsay Lohan...

Only 31 days till pitchers and catchers.


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