Saturday, January 15, 2011


According to Scott Boras, that bastion of truth, Manny Ramirez has five suitors this winter. He doesn't say if that includes his usual "mystery" team. They've got to be AL teams though, Manny doesn't even pretend to be a defensive player these days. And then, of course, there's Manny's other problem, which was described best by Janice Hough, Left Coast Sports Babe:
"I'll take 'gluttons for punishment' for $600, Alex."

A New York writer suggests that with the Yanks 'new & improved' bullpen, it's time to move Joba Chamberlain back into the starting rotation. One good side effect of this move, no one will notice the problems that AJ Burnett has.

I've said in the past that Rob Neyer does not like the Yankees. Here is the first line in today's column:
"Jim Thome's coming back in 2011, and with the possible of exception of the Yankees not getting Cliff Lee or Zack Greinke, this might be the best news of the winter."

Buster Olney is generally very astute, but sometimes... He commented today that the Oakland A's could definitely compete in 2011 and gave five keys to a successful season:
1) The A's need to remain healthy
2) The pitching has to be productive
3) They have to get power from their power hitters
4) Their defensive has to remain productive
5) Basically, the Rangers have to be not quite as good as last year.
Not a lot of insight there, and actually if #5 happens, they might not need the first four.

Just a little heads-up for you bloodthirsty fans out there. In the words of Buster Olney:
"If you watch hockey for the fights, if you watch NASCAR for the crashes and if you like it when hitters charge the mound, then you must watch Ravens-Steelers. It's the most violent sporting event that doesn't involve shooting."

The SF Giants hefty 3rd baseman, Pablo Sandoval, has a weight issue again. Not because he weighs more, but because he's hitting less. His 2010 stats were basically half what they were in 2009 with the same number of at-bats, a little over 600. His 'listed' weight is 245 lbs, but reportedly he weighs closer to 300 lbs. The Giants want him to come to camp under 250 lbs or risk being sent to the minors. It's an effective threat: Pablo knows the food's no where near as good in the minors.

Syracuse - Cincinnati at noon today.


A comment from "Mortified":
With the exception of #5, Olney has listed the requirements for every team to be successful. Today, he's a bust.
Manny may have 5 "suitors" this winter, but I'll bet at least one of them is an OB/GYN clinic.

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