Sunday, January 23, 2011


An interesting note: Not only did the Rays sign a couple of guys who are closer to the bottom of the hill than the top, but Johnny Damon, at $5.25 million, is currently the highest paid member of the team. Did they learn nothing from watching Brian Cashman?

Speaking of which, even Cashman knows his place. During an interview in December, he was quoted as saying, "I know my title is general manager, but I consider myself the director of spending for the New York Yankees."

R.J. CURRIE: "Bears coach Mike Martz says Jay Cutler is a better quarterback this season because they've done "footwork stuff" twice a week since game one. Cutler began the season dating actress Kristin Cavallari; probably his first step in the right direction."

This one's for "Connecticut Yankee"
DWIGHT PERRY: "I still ain't spoke to nobody, you know what I'm saying?" Rip Hamilton told the Detroit Free Press of being the subject of rampant trade speculation. "Nobody ain't spoke to me about it."
Not even his high-school English teacher, apparently.

BRAD DICKSON: "The Yankees erected a 6-foot statue of George Steinbrenner outside their Tampa headquarters. It's firing a 5-foot statue of Billy Martin."


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