Thursday, January 20, 2011


An item in Janice Hough's blog, Left Coast Sports Babe:
"Stanford University says they have a problem with “failure-deprived” students, who have never had to deal with disappointment before. The school has thus launched the “Resilence Project” to present stories of failure from successful people."
They NEVER had to face disappointment or failure? So Stanford is going to show them how successful people failed. Who the first guest lecturer going to be? Bill Gates?
"Uh yeah, I had to work hard for a few years before I earned my first Billion." Of course, it is Stanford, so these kids could always get help from Mummy & Daddy.

Recently, fans leaving the stadiums after baseball games and football games, were given breathalyzer tests. 8% of the fans were discovered to be legally drunk. How does this explain the actions of the other 92%, who regularly make fools of themselves at the games? They acted like that completely sober? At least 8% needed help to be obnoxious.

Yesterday, he commented on the Yankees pursuit of Andruw Jones. "I know many of the team's fans disagree, but I believe he'd be a significantly positive addition."
Then he made this comment:
"He'll turn 34 in April but there are suspicions that he's a few years older and that he used PEDs in his glory years. He strikes out a lot, isn't nearly the defensive player he once was (10 Gold Gloves) and no longer is a consistent base-stealing threat."
Bob can't even win an argument with himself.

From comic Frank King on the Packers push to a Super Bowl and "True Grit" a box office hit:
"For me, this is just like 1968 with out the pimples."
From columnist Norman Chad, about the very wordy Darryl Johnston of Fox Sports:
"We're now in year 10 of his career and Johnston starts talking Sunday at dawn and doesn't stop until Sunday at dusk. If he says grace before Sunday dinner, nobody will ever eat."

Lunch with the cousins today.


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