Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where Art Are Though, Dick? (an interesting question)

I haven't posted in quite a while and that's basically a good thing. That means no one has been insulted and things have generally been pretty good - excluding the fear-everything-congress/media parsing the President's speech into unrecognizable snippets (with annotation), Ann Marie Beurkle, Russian airports blowing up, NY State taking over Nassau County's (Long Island) finances, SU's backcourt exposed for what it is (not good), a Super Bowl with the Packers (surprisingly hard to hate, but I was raised in a NY Football Giants home) and the Eric Forman-led Pittsburg Steelers, and Its-not-my-fault-we-bailed-on-not-giving-up-our-first-round-pick-for-anyone-else Brian "The SteinSchnauser" Cashman.

But in spite of how wonderful everything is, I 'm back with a bone to pick with Picasner.

P, you are a disappointment as a party planner. You dangle the promise of an Endres encounter in January and then disappear without a word. What's up with that? Annie would never handle a situations like that. She'd have a date and time set or called off the whole thing. So, please, have her give you instruction, stakeholder names and contact information, vision statement, action plan, to-do list, project evaluation criteria and forms , and take care of this.

Forever in accountability,
Your best pal,

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