Thursday, January 06, 2011


As you may know, Picasner is not a big fan of Mr. Neyer, who writes a daily column (or two) for ESPN. He is a "numbers nerd" who tries to justify his opinions with "statistics" that are usually dependent on judgement at some point in the computation. He titles his daily columns with alliterations, just to be cute, such as: Monday Mendozas, Wednesday Wangdoodles, etc.
On Thursday, it's called "Thursday Throneberries." I couldn't resist:

AHA! Thursday "Throneberries." As I recall, Marv "Throneberry" was major league ballplayer with some talent, but almost completely wasted because he never seem to have his head in the game. Reading your stuff for the last year, I can definitely see the correlation.
Picasner (1/6/2011)

I'll let you know if there's a response.


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