Monday, June 24, 2013


Aaron Hernandez, tight end for the New England patriots, is a "person of interest" in a murder investigation that took place near his home.  He allegedly was friends with the victim. The police have questioned him and have asked for his cooperation. He willingly complied. The police then collected 15 bags of
evidence, which showed signs of having been tampered with. The police also asked for his cell phone, which he gave them - smashed into pieces. He will probably be charged with obstruction of justice.
Obviously, if you are famous and have money, the word "cooperation" has an entirely different definition.

Serena Williams made a remark about the morals of fellow professional tennis player, Maria Sharapova. Williams immediately apologized, professional athlete-style.
"If I said that and I offended someone, then I'm sorry." What does she mean, "If I said that..."? She doesn't know what she said? I love that. That means if you can't prove I said it, then I didn't say it. She continued, saying, "It's unfortunate Maria was drawn into this." Right, like it wasn't her who made the remark.
People sometimes try to distance themselves from evil people or people who are in trouble, but only professional athletes try to distance themselves from...well, themselves.

There is an interesting little drama currently being played out in the courtroom right now. Ed O'Bannion, former star basketball player for the UCLA Bruins, back in 1996 was playing a basketball video game with a friend in 2001.  Lo & behold. one of the characters in the game was an exact likeness of him. The company who put out the game, paid a licensing fee for the use of his likeness without his permission. Aha, but they had permission from the NCAA, who received the money for that right. O'Bannion sued the NCAA, "who quickly discovered that courts weren't swayed by the normally airtight NCAA defense, which was, "We're the NCAA."
Forced to produce documents and records in discovery, it came to light that O'Bannion was only one of many players whose rights the NCAA had sold to companies for many different commercial uses. All without compensating any of the players. O'Bannion and his lawyer immediately filed to adjust their claim to a class-action suit, which would force the NCAA to open ALL their books to scrutiny.The NCAA has objected - once again, the "We're the NCAA" defense has failed, and the matter will be decided sometime this week.
If this becomes a class-action suit and the NCAA loses, the resulting penalties, fines and restitution could run into the billions. That's right, billions. Which means their defense would become, "We're the NCAA"

Another problem with the new realignment in the divisions, which put's 15 teams in each league, is that there HAS to be an inter-league game every day. Plus, the teams playing in these games only play each other once. So you end up with the Dodgers coming to New York for a two-game series. Silly enough in itself, but when game one gets rained out, the Dodgers and the Yanks were forced to play a double-header the next day - get-away day for the poor Dodgers- because that was their only scheduled meeting in NY.
Last night, another inter-league game - St. Louis and Texas - suffered a rain delay. Because this was Texas'  only visit to St. Louis, both teams had to sit through a 3-hour rain delay. So did the fans, but then, who cares about them. The teams then completed a 3-hour ball game. If teams played more games against each other, impossible when they have to play so many different teams in different cities, this wouldn't happen.  It all seems very logical to me, but logic doesn't belong in 'Bunglin' Bud Selig's world.

" The Alabama football program is installing a waterfall in the locker room. I think it’s oddly appropriate that the most scenic, picturesque, romantic place in Alabama is inside a football locker room."  --Brad Dickson
"NBA champ LeBron James says he's happy he could "leave everything on the floor." Try that in my house and my wife will kill you."  -- RJ Currie
"This Serena Williams / Maria Sharapova catfight has gotten pretty nasty. Even Tiger and Sergio are saying “Just shut up and play.”  -- Janice Hough

"In the amazing Game 6 of the NBA Finals, Miami’s Mike Miller drilled a 3-point shot wearing one shoe. Nike later offered him half a contract."  -- Brad Dickson
"Is it just me, or did the first three games of the Stanley Cup final have more clutching and grabbing than a drive-in triple feature?"  -- RJ Currie
"Derek Jeter says he is making progress with his broken ankle. Wonder if he’ll be back in time for the next Yankees’ old timers game?"  -- Janice Hough



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