Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Poor John Farrell, manager of the Boston Red Sox. He just lost Clay Buchholz to the DL for 15 days. Let's have a moment of silence in sympathy.  ...Okay, that's enough. In the meantime, Mark Teixeira joins his teammates on the DL for 15 days and Kevin Youkilis for 10-12 weeks with a herniated disk. So the Yanks now have FOUR all-star infielders and one all-star outfielder on the DL along with their season-opening shortstop and catcher.
The Yanks play a double-header today against the LA Dodgers, who have problems of their own.

I wrote last Sunday that G. Steinbrenner would have cleaned house because of the way the team was playing. At the beginning of the season, I expected that I would be writing something like that by May 1st, instead, the Yanks went on a tear and built up my hopes to the point where I began to see the playoffs in their future. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that they are now playing like I originally expected.

I still wish George was around.

  -- Under the heading  of useless stats, comes this little tidbit from the mouth of Michael Kay. "Brett Gardner leads the majors in 2-strike fouls." Has this kind of evaluation ever shown up in a scouting report? "No, he can't hit, Chief, but you should see him foul off pitches."

   -- My spell-check keeps changing Kevin Youkilis' name to 'Yokel.'  I was going to fix it, but then I thought, maybe it's right.

  -- The latest problem in ( stadium in Oakland, forced the teams to use the Raiders football team's locker room to shower because the sewers backed up into the locker rooms of both baseball teams. When Oakland says they are in deep s**t, they mean it. Maybe they should change the name of the stadium to ""

  -- The Feds are digging up a field near Detroit in what will probably prove to be another futile attempt to find missing former union boss James Hoffa's body. Why are we wasting money on this quest? What do they hope to prove if they do find it? Confirm that he's really dead? I think we all knew that.

"Mike Mussina is the new basketball coach at his alma mater, Montoursville, Pa. high school. Returning players are already hard at work on their four-seam jump shots."  -- Dwight Perry
"Fathers Day is always a big day for awkward family phone calls. Especially. in the NBA, where the response to a “Happy Father’s Day phone conversation often starts “So which one are you, anyway?"  -- Janice Hough
"Major League Baseball suspended eight players and coaches of the Dodgers and Diamondbacks involved in a brawl. I say while the players and coaches are suspended MLB should put 'em to good use and require them to sit in the stands at a Miami Marlins game"  -- Brad Dickson
"Lindsey Vonn told a reporter she and Tiger Woods work as a couple because they're so much alike. Then, she climbed into her car and backed into a tree."  -- Brad Dickson
" JaMarcus Russell says he has a tryout upcoming with the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens. In a related story, Paris Hilton has an application in to Mensa."  -- RJ Currie
"For the first game of the College World Series, on the top of the third base dugout, "college" was mistakenly spelled "colllege." This is what happens when 35 beer gardens are open within 100 yards of the stadium"  -- Brad Dickson
"A truck carrying 6,000 gallons of Scotch overturned and ignited just south of Newark (N.J.). The blaze was extinguished using foam and the tears of two dozen New Jersey Devils."  -- RJ Currie


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