Friday, June 14, 2013


## It took more than five and a half hours and the way the Yanks were hitting in the clutch, they could have gone another five hours without scoring a run. Teixeira, Hafner, Youkilis and Wells, hitting 4-5-6-7, were  almost as inept as possible. In 32 plate appearances, they managed 3 walks and a hit batsman. That's 0-28 if you're counting. Those are the RBI spots in the lineup. Yeah, RBIs, right. Here's how they did -
11th inning - bases loaded, 1 out.  Hafner strikes out, Youkilis strikes out.
13th inning - 2 men on, nobody out. Hafner flies out, Youkilis and Wells strike out
14th inning - bases loaded again, 2 out. Teixeira pops out to short.
In all, the Yanks left 10 men on base in the 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th.
Joe Girardi said, "It's frustrating, but you just have to turn the page." Maybe the Yanks should burn the page instead.
As one sportswriter put it, "This would be a powerhouse team - if it were 2002."

## How can it get worse, you ask? Well, look at the Los Angeles Angels, the Yanks next opponent. With a lineup that includes Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, Howie Kendrick and Josh Hamilton, the Angels are hitting only slightly better than the Yanks. Their pitching, however, is horrible. As the Yankee announcers pointed out last night, the Yanks record against sub-.500 teams is a lot better. The Angels are 10 games under .500.
I guess this series pits the incompetent versus the incapable. Your choice.

## Michael Pineda has been outstanding in his rehab in the minors. Scouts say his stuff is approaching #1 starter status. He could be back in the majors right after the All-Star break. One analyst says that would put the Yanks in a position to trade Chamberlain and possibly Phil Hughes for outfield help or a full-blown shortstop if Jeter can't make it back. There is a guy in Miami that might help - Giancarlo Stanton.

Gwen Knapp of Sports on Earth, reports this little tidbit. An Oakland Raiders coach  gave JaMarcus Russell a DVD loaded with plays and ideas to take home overnight and critique. The following day, Russell brought the DVD back and said he was on board with everything he'd watched. 
The DVD was blank.

"Pete Rose is making over $1M a year just signing autographs. They don’t call him Charlie Hustle for nothing."  -- Tony Chong.
"Browns receiver Josh Gordon is blaming his two-game suspension on codeine from some cough medicine he took. On the bright side, the stuff obviously worked. Gordon only coughed up the ball once last season."  -- Dwight Perry
"I suggest the name "Old England Redcoats" if London gets it's own NFL team. Why not? They've been itching  for a rematch with the Patriots."  --  Steve Schrader
" Belmont Stakes winner Palace Malice was named for a 1959 Three Stooges comedy short. I guess that's a better name than 'Nyuk Nyuk.'"   -- Len Berman
"The NFL Players Association is investigating Jay-Z's role in the recruitment of Jets' QB Geno Smith. Jay-Z reportedly has Smith working with his wife, Beyonce, to become the first NFL quarterback to lip-sync signals."  -- Brad Dickson
"Police arrested a man and a woman for allegedly using counterfeit bills to purchase items at Wrigley Field concession stands. Incredulous investigators say they'd never see Ernie Banks likeness in a $20 bill before."  -- Dwight Perry
"First the Padres, now the Diamondbacks. Is a bench-clearer with the Giants next? Los Angeles Dodgers quickly becoming the top team in Major League Basebrawl.  -- Janice Hough
"Bartolo Colon is one of the MLB players facing possible punishment in the Biogenesis of America scandal. Might be the first time a Colon ended with a sentence."  -- RJ Currie
" On "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?" Lochte and his girlfriend broke up over the phone. Because it's Ryan Lochte, I'm guessing it wasn't a smartphone."  -- Brad Dickson
"Rafael Nadal captured a record straight eighth French Open title - then slipped from fourth to fifth in the world rankings. Bet that's the last time they let Florida tally up the points."  -- Dwight Perry.


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