Thursday, June 27, 2013


...who is he?
The Yanks played a game today with a lineup that stunned even broadcaster Michael Kay. I won't say the Yankee staff didn't know all the players, but manager Joe Girardi was seen buying a scorecard before the game. There is no truth to the rumor that the Yanks bought a special bus to transport players back and forth to Scranton every day.
The Rangers beat the Yanks 2-0, and it wasn't even that close. Phil Hughes went 8 innings and only gave up 5 hits and 2 runs, but Ranger pitcher Derek Holland was overpowering. He was never in any trouble, in fact, the Texas bullpen sent out for pizza in the7th inning.
Tune in tomorrow for the NY Yankee version of "Who's On First?"

***JUST WHEN YOU THINK IT COULDN'T GET STRANGER...*** does. Of course, I forgot A-Rod is involved, so this roller-coaster ride is far from over.
Two days ago he was thrilled because he was told he was cleared to play. Now A-Rod is telling the Yanks he isn't sure when he can play again. "It could be in July. It could be in August. It could be I won't be able to play at all this year," is what he told President Randy Levine. One rumor is that he's just being childish, another  is that he wants to get back quickly and retire because of a medical disability and collect his awesome salary before MLB can suspend him for violating it's drug abuse policy.

And, there is always the strange play that the Yanks seem to get involved in. If you're on first and the next batter walks, how do you get thrown out at second?  Texas' David Murphy was on first and took off for second on a full count. The throw beat him, but home plate umpire Gerry Davis said the pitch was ball four and therefore there was no steal. Murphy, however started  for the dugout, whereupon, SS Jayson Nix tagged him and umpire Dan Iassogna called him out. That should make Friday Funnies on ESPN tomorrow.

Dennis Rodman has stated that if Lebron James played in the 90's, he'd only be an average player.  And he's right. In 1990, Lebron was 6 years old.

"A new study says as teenagers, our brains experience enormous pleasure from social acceptance, so "teens follow other teens like lemmings." Unless one of them goes to a Miami Marlins game."  -- RJ Currie
" A giant panda in China just gave birth. She's stuck for a name since Kim Kardashian took "North West."  -- Brad Dickson
" Cleveland rookie LB Ausar Walcott was arrested Tuesday and charged with attempted murder after he allegedly punched a man in the head last weekend. Gosh, the Browns can’t even get the major headlines on the NFL police blotter."  -- Janice Hough
"Former Cub Kerry Wood found a body floating in a harbor.  I hear he strained his shoulder calling 911.”  -- Bill Littlejohn
"On Tuesday, Doc Rivers officially became the new coach of the Los Angeles Clippers. Following tradition, five minutes later, the Clippers began a preliminary search for his replacement."  -- Brad Dickson


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