Wednesday, June 05, 2013


## We can't seem to get through a week without some drug-related stories. Today, has more topics about drugs on their site than Pfizer Pharmaceutical.
Anthony Bosch, kingpin of Biogenesis of America, has apparently agreed to talk to MLB and name names, drugs and dosages for a vast array of sports figures. The biggest names are A-Rod, Ryan Braun, Nelson Cruz and Bartolo Colon. There are also some minor, but well-known players involved, such as Francisco Cervelli and Jesus Montero, although PEDs haven't seemed to help Jesus much.
The most interesting part of this will be MLB's efforts to charge Braun & A-Rod as second offenders, meaning 100-game suspensions for both. their reasoning is that the first offense was using the drugs, the second offense was lying about it. I'm sure the Players Association will have something to say about that.

## The Boys In Blue are at it again. Last night in the Cleveland-NY game, home plate umpire Tony Randazzo claimed that Indian shortstop Mike Aviles foul-tipped a pitch with two outs in the ninth. Aviles objected and replays proved him correct. Okay, it was a mistake and the game went on, with Aviles flying out to end the game. He got in one last shot at Randazzo on the way to the dugout and Randazzo threw him out. Aviles got thrown out AFTER the game was over. As usual, the BIB have to have the last laugh. What purpose was served in ejecting Aviles when the game was over and Randazzo was five feet from the tunnel and out of ear-shot of an obviously upset Aviles. Aviles could get suspended for this, but clearly Randazzo was the one out of control.

## Good news on the Yankee side (A-Rod not withstanding) last night. Tex blasted another homer, a three-run shot this time, leading the Yanks to a 4-3 win. Through six innings, David Phelps had only given up one hit, a ground ball to short that Jayson Nix took too much time with allowing Drew Stubbs to beat the throw. It would have been very interesting if Phelps had lasted into the 8th or 9th with that being the only hit. Would the official scorer have gone back and changed that play to an error? We'll never know, thank heavens.

## Speaking of scoring issues, back in the day (I'm old, I can say that), a Wild Pitch was something a catcher couldn't reach. Everything else was a Passed Ball. Now if a pitch bounces in front of the catcher and gets away, they call it a wild pitch, even if it hits the catcher in the mask first. Aren't these guys supposed to be major league catchers? If a fielder gets a glove on a ball but fails to hold on, it's an ERROR, I don't care how hard it was hit. Oh well, I guess I better go back to the days when fielders were men and umpires were quiet.

## We've all seen how companies are streamlining their operations, mostly at the hands of dismissed employees, but the Yankee farm team in Trenton may be carrying things a little too far. They use a Golden Retriever named Chase to run out on the field and return baseball bats to the dugout. Supposedly, he leaves no teeth marks either. How do you explain that job loss to a young boy? "Sorry son, we know you don't get paid much, but we've got a dog that will work all month for a bag of  Kibbles & Bits."

## Ohio State President, Gordon Gee, has retired, in part because of remarks made at a dinner, when he referred to Notre Dame University as "...those damn Catholics." Gee claims the remarks were made in jest, that he was "...just joking." Unfortunately for Gee, those "damn Catholics" weren't laughing.

"New's flash: Grant Hill retires from the NBA - 13 years after his ankles did."   -- Dwight Perry
"I don't want to say that Tim Duncan is old, but when James Naismith was hunting around for a hoop, it was Tim who handed him a peach basket."  -- Greg Cote

"Ohio State president Gordon Gee is loose-lipped. It's not his first rodeo, and frankly, it's not his first time as the clown at the rodeo."  -- Bill Livingston, Cleveland Plain Dealer
"Former Miss America Erika Harold announced she’ll run for Congress in Illinois in 2014 as a Republican. Her platform is expected to be shoes."  -- Paul Seaburn
"A man in California received 11 pounds of marijuana in the mail by mistake. At least he did the right thing. He called the police and told them someone accidentally mailed him 5 pounds of marijuana."  -- Craig Ferguson"
" The 2013 world table tennis championships just wrapped up, extending a U.S. medal drought dating back to 1959. Or as Cubs fans put it, just yesterday"  -- RJ Currie
 "Eleven race horses in Great Britain have tested positive for steroids. I knew something was up when three of the horses placed at last week’s Indianapolis 500"  -- Brad Dickson
" West Palm Beach, Fla., just hosted the Big East meetings. Welcome to the conference with 'East' in its name, featuring teams from Nebraska, Illinois and Indiana ... that holds its conference meetings in South Florida"  -- Brad Dickson


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