Saturday, December 22, 2012


I recently posted a letter to the editor of the Seattle Times. In it I mentioned an offending name, so it may not get published.

"I understand a quip by a fellow blogger has been removed from a column because an over-zealous editor thought the bloggers name was too suggestive or profane. The name, an OBVIOUS joke has been aired many times and even originated in a prime-time comedy series. If this editor wishes to protect the public from such a terrible thing, he should edited out of his paper, something that is, in fact, a terrible thing: the Newtown, CT. shootings and leave those of us who intend to amuse and entertain, alone. The offending name: Vod Knockers. I hope I didn't injure the psyche of that editor."
Chad Picasner

HWSNBN and I don't always agree, but we both respect each other's right to speak our minds - without editing, even though we are both capable of editing anything posted on this site. This editing, by the way, was not done by my friend and nationally esteemed writer and editor, Dwight Perry.


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