Thursday, December 20, 2012

Politics Imitating Baseball

Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle. That’s the sound of social security checks and elite Yankee baseball going down the drain, to the benefit of those with incomes of $900K, who, according to House Speaker J. Delusional Boehner, can’t afford to pay a little more in taxes, and to Yankee bossette Hal ‘Big Cheese’ Steinburglar who is cutting the Yankee payroll.

If you’re a senior or disabled and a Yankees fan everyone in town is throwing you under the bus. We know the Republicans have promised to gut social security since FDR, if they ever got the chance, and now Obama, who never held a position he wouldn’t back away from, has willingly provided the knife for the first cut. Obama claims this cut will be as surgical and precise as a drone strike – the ones leaving dead bodies of innocents buried under rubble and strewn over the landscape from attacks on vehicles. 

Our buddy Hal has decided that the future Yankee mission shall be “Let’s be Pretty Good As Long As It Doesn’t Cost Too Much”. On the plus side, the Yankees cannot be accused of ageism in their recent signings.

Golf has the Senior Tour and MLB has the Yankees.

Chad mentioned that several pitchers would be trying out padded caps next season. I ‘d feel better if some of our owners and politicians tried out padded cells to prevent injury to others. 

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